Obamacare supporters are withdrawing … But is it too late for the sellouts?

According to Natural News, the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents IRS employees, are breaking away from their support towards Obamacare. This is happening at a time when the date for Obamacare’s provisions is nearing the effect. All those who were in favor of healthcare, insurance and the economy going within the purview of the corporate sector have realized how dangerous the effects are going to be. As such, many of them are withdrawing their support. And these include various, large trade unions. In the beginning, they had downplayed the damaging effects, but now they have realized what the consequence will be as the date approaches.
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As the 2014 inaugural date of Obamacare nears, many are now realizing how impractical the proposal is and how it will crash under its own weight even before it can stand on its feet. As you are already aware, as part of this plan, all Americans are required to have a healthcare policy, so that in the long run it will even out the government’s cost in taking care of those who need it the most. In doing so, the government policy will hit the youth the most, crippling them by placing huge financial burdens on them.
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The National Treasury Employees Union has urged its members to oppose the legislation as the new regulations will do away with their government health policy, forcing them to shift their plans to national and state health care initiatives. Members of Congress and their staffers have to participate in this program whether they like it or not.
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