Natural News is reporting that France is to keep their BAN on GMO Corn, despite ruling

Ethan Huff has the coverage on Natural News: “French Head of State Francois Hollande made an official public announcement that the moratorium will, indeed, be extended in order to ensure the integrity of the nation’s agricultural system.”

“We cannot accept that a product — corn — have [sic] bad consequences on other produce,” added Hollande. “[We will] secure this decision legally, at a national level and especially at a European level.”

You see, not only does France NOT want toxic corn in all their food, they don’t want TOXIC CORN to infect the rest of their crops. OOOH, the U.S. doesn’t even think about it that way! People just hear that maybe corn syrup is bad for you or something, and they try to eat less of it. But how do you eat less bug and weed killer and think you’ll be okay, and then go out and get some vaccines, flu shots, mercury dental fillings and drink a boatload of fluoridated water and think you’ll live past 40 or 50 years of age?

INTEGRITY OF AGRICULTURE is LOST in America: Except for organic farming, there may not be too many farms left that aren’t either toxic or dead from chemicals, GMO seeds, or both. Besides “mom and pop” farms, most of the larger farms have sold out to the “man” Monsanto. In France, most people do their “shopping” at kiosks and farmer’s markets and food stands right in the streets, almost everywhere. Large supermarkets full of canned, frozen and boxed food are a complete JOKE to them. Only America thinks this kind of “food” is eatable, usable, and not disease causing. That is why this moratorium has been extended, even though the U.S. tries to INSTALL GMO AND DEMOCRACY ALL OVER THE WORLD, the smart and strong countries say no way. They hold their own and make a stand, even when the payoff/lobbying/economic pressure is “great.”

MON-810 “FrankenCorn” has been banned in France for 6 Years and Counting:

There’s a reason they call it FrankenCorn. Frankenstein has lumps coming out of his head, kind of like the rats that eat pesticide corn and grow large tumors, as tested by French Scientists themselves. You see, they don’t rely on Monsanto to test their OWN chemical corn and say it’s OK to eat. They are not mentally challenged as a mass people in France. There are not enough idiots in France to believe that you can eat corn and soy that kills bugs, weeds and rats, but doesn’t give humans cancer. The advertising and lies don’t work so well over there. Even though they play “football,” they must not believe the commercials America broadcasts saying pharmaceuticals and corn are part of your nutritious breakfast, and side effects include cancer and feelings of suicide. Yes, “honey, get me my honey nut cheerios and my Prozak so I can leave for work!”

It’s just common sense for people who aren’t fog-headed zombies living in never-never land.

Natural News has coverage of this example of intelligence and integrity regarding food quality: “Setting a bold example for the rest of the world to follow, France has chosen to exercise the precautionary principle and protect its agricultural heritage rather than succumb to biotechnology industry pressures.”

Nine EU member states have rejected MON810 ‘Frankencorn’



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