Congress “exempts itself” from Obamacare; guess they don’t like the toxic drug “sick care” or giving all their medical records to the IRS

The “Power of the Purse” can undermine the system, the “Man,” but how? The House could vote to “defund” the whole ravaging beast better known as “chronic symptom management,” because that’s mostly what Western Medicine does, instead of looking for the root of problems and treating them from there, which usually means a total nutrition adjustment. Besides a system that uses chemicals to treat chemically caused disorders, the whole plan is “genetically modified” to injure humans, to send them to the Big Pharma doctors, and this is the opposite of the “politician investment strategy.” Lobbyists, oncologists, surgeons and yes, Congressmen mostly have their lute invested in hedge funds, stock in chemo treatments and drugs, and the great wide world of processed, altered food. These are the hot stocks on Wall Street, these are the “backed securities” of Washington D.C., where legislation is written to support sickness, to open the doors for BAD FOOD by design. What intelligent person on the planet doesn’t know that if you eat pesticide and weed killer all day you’ll die of cancer before you’re 55? What intelligent person doesn’t know that if you drink water from the tap in America, you’ll lose your mind one day, if you even make it to 75? How stupid are the masses? Dumb enough to vote for a two party system that’s a one party system with most of the same investments – Wall Street, Big Pharma, Biotech and Toxic Home Loans. Sell it all to the Chinese and buy a small island to retire on! Isn’t that the Grande plan?

“Ain’t no politician in the U.S.” that wants Uncle Sam in charge of their healthcare, their new medical/weapons/cash holdings audit! Nope. Don’t want that Obamacare breathin’ down their throats when they lose their seat in Washington, or Downtown Chicago or the city that never sleeps (that smells like urine), NY, NY.

The Big Guns want nothing to do with chronic sick care, and NSA filings of their visits to the Psychiatrist during their first divorce, when they took those psych meds to calm down, to calm their “nerves” or to beat back that depression. The Big Hat Politicians want nothing to do with a sick care system that costs $780 a month instead of $280. They want nothing to do with a huge monthly bill that can’t include Nutritionists, or Naturopaths, or Chiropractors, or Massage Therapy, or Doctors who don’t cut out “sick” organs and douse you with chemotherapy. The GOP and the Obama “clowns” are nearly one in the same. The GOP fund everything but Obamacare, you see. The two party system has but one goal, get rich off Americans’ bad health and chronic sick care. The form the program “takes on” doesn’t really matter. The commercials during CNN and MSNBC and FOX news breaks are still the same, have you noticed? Cymbalta doesn’t have a “two-party” designation, or bi-partisan habits. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson don’t give two craps if your investment capital is stamped Republican or Democrat, the stock and return is not affected either way. Do you get it yet?

J.D. Heyes of Natural News has this to say, “They can use the non-construction of a border fence along the U.S. southwest border as an example. A 700-mile border fence was mandated in a 2006 law signed by President George W. Bush. But most of it was never built because Congress didn’t fund it.”

Learn more:

They want you to believe that “Medications are nutrition.” Learn more here:

Don’t fall for it. Consider what Ron Paul has to say over the next 2 – 3 years, and make an informed choice about everything you buy, every service you pay for, every vote you cast, and for God’s sake, read the labels on every food, personal care product, and natural medicine you consider purchasing. Eat organic and live a fruitful life.

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