Cows jacked up on “Zilmax” growth hormone too FAT to walk down the slaughter shoot

First, we have to ask, is this humane? Secondly we have to ask, how many humans have cancer tumors growing after eating this growth hormone that flows through the blood of these poor cows. Third, we will recognize that certain companies will stop using the hormones because of money, not ethics. Here’s the inside story about cows that can’t walk, countries like Russia and China that won’t eat them, and the grande Ole U.S. of A., where people just don’t care – if it tastes good, they eat it. Period.

Tyson food is going to stop buying cattle raised on these artificial growth hormones because deformed cattle that can’t even walk to their own death won’t sell well in the near future. And since China is buying up companies like Smithfield ham, it’s likely that this method of juicing up cows with steroids isn’t the most profitable anymore. I wonder what’s the next big “meat cheat?” Will it be test tube meat? What about gelatin mcnuggets? Is the fish in fast food fish sandwiches really even FISH? Maybe it’s just gelatin with fish flavoring and MSG?

Is beef really just PINK SLIME in America? What about mixing connective tissue with growth hormones in a vial and growing it “in vitro” and then frying it in GMO canola and corn oil, coating it with some Aspartame and MSG, and selling it for $4.99 with fries and a cola?

If the cow can’t even move at all before its death, how do you think you will MOVE AROUND after you eat him/her? Will you go to the doctor to address your biologically inherited lethargy? Will you get a prescription, maybe of xanax or prosak for your depression, or would cymbalta work better, so you can kill the pain of not doing anything?


Find out the latest on the big corporations who cut corners, abuse animals, avoid inspections, serve up road kill as meat, and use drugs to “fatten” up their profits at the expense of humanity and the environment. You can control your health freedom by never buying anything these companies produce, own, or distribute. Natural News has the inside coverage so you know exactly what NOT to eat:

“Synthetic growth drugs: One more reason to purchase only humanely-raised, grass-fed meats” Like many other growth-accelerating drugs currently given to factory farm animals, Zilmax is a beta agonist, which means it mimics the action of naturally occurring hormones when ingested. Originally designed to treat respiratory ailments in humans, beta agonists work in cattle by altering their metabolisms and accelerating the rate at which they convert feed to usable muscle tissue. They also promote a higher conversion of feed into protein rather than fat, which leads to higher lean meat production.”

Learn more:


Watch out for OPTAFLEXX, the other GROWTH HORMONE still used:

While Zilmax is considered one of the (best) weight gain additives, there are alternatives like Optaflexx, which “Tyson has NOT banned.”

Stay tuned to Natural News Radio and listen to Mike Adams:

Beware of GENETICALLY MODIFieD FOOD and don’t eat cancer!


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