Less means MORE when Biotech promises less pesticide and herbicide on food – 17 YEARS of LIES and counting

What if you sat down at your dinner table to eat a nice meal you had just prepared, and someone in your family was chasing some fly around the house that was being annoying. They suddenly took the bug spray and sprayed it right near your plate of food, trying to catch the fly, but it still got away. You look back down at your food and you’re pretty sure the toxic bug killer spray got right on the food, but the new “fly zap” is odorless, so you’re not 100% sure. Should you taste it to check and see? Should you forget that it happened, and figure your cleansing organs will filter out the fly killer toxins? What’s the best move here? Would you take that chance if it happened every day, at least to one of your meals, and it happened for 17 years? Too late! If you eat GMO anything, you’ve been eating bug and weed killer, “just a little bit,” for up to 17 years, and your cleansing organs could be in a state of shock, fighting for your life every day, ever since the first crop fields began growing seeds that have pesticide “built in” to the DNA, and since the farmers started spraying up to 10 time the amount of pesticide and herbicide on those same already tainted vegetables and fruits. 17 years! You’ve been lied to. The bug spray did get on your plate. It’s time to do research, and then detoxify your body.

Here’s how and where: Use these five natural supplements to detox your body of toxic GMO foods: Psyllium husk, organic sulfur/MSM, probiotics, sacred bark and wild burdock root: Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041664_GMOs_detoxification_dietary_fiber.html#ixzz2cRCSmTIC


“The relatively recent emergence and spread of insect populations resistant to the Bt toxins expressed in Bt corn and cotton has started to increase insecticide use, and will continue to do so.”

“Since the time when genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) were first introduced into the American food supply back in 1996, there has been a dramatic increase in pesticide use rather than the decrease we were all promised by the biotechnology industry as a supposed benefit of GMO technology.”


There is a great failure taking place with Biotech and GMO technology, but the mass media will not talk about it, because they are not allowed to. Their sponsors would shut them down. The politics runs right back to the White House. Barack Obama is hiring Monsanto previous employees, scientists and CEO’s to run the FDA, the USDA and other food regulatory agencies, including the EPA. This is opening the door for more food pollution, and more BUG and WEED killer to be sprayed on crops most Americans consume, ignorantly. This is an education problem as much as an environmental problem. It will only get worse unless everyone understands the true story about GMO and cancer food “technology.”

“As long as GMOs remain in the food supply, pesticide use will only continue to escalate.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041684_GM_crops_failure_pesticide_use.html#ixzz2cRAC3jwn


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