The best answers come from the best questions: Robert Scott Bell and Natural News are blazing trails!

According to Natural News, Robert Scott Bell, the headline talent on Natural News Radio, is going to be the key speaker at the upcoming American Naturopathic Medical Association event. With his in-depth knowledge of naturopathy, homeopathy, nutritional therapies, health freedom and many other crucial topics, he has gained immense popularity and has garnered a huge fan following. He launched a radio show on the national level and has named it the “Robert Scott Bell Show,” which will be broadcast live, from Monday to Friday, from 3 – 5pm Eastern (12 noon – 2pm Pacific). This show is a result of a joint partnership between the Genesis Communications Network and Natural News Radio.
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Natural News is going places. First the radio show launched by Robert Scott Bell and now a portal on science. One can log on to, for information on any kind of health related issues ranging from GMO crops, to diseases, health care tips, to different medicines as well as their synonyms and so on.
A free online site one can easily log on to and use to search for different health care topics, whether they are current or quite old. They have a huge collection of information on all types of pertinent questions like:

• Is there a way that cholera can fight cancer?
• Does curcumin treat arthritis?
• Does science support the Mediterranean Diet?
• Are statin drugs dangerous?
• What is the link between vaccines and autism?
• What are the side effects of arsenic exposure?
• Is chemotherapy dangerous?

You can literally ask any type of scientific question and be rest assured that the information that you will get is well researched and in-depth.
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