Virtually no FDA tests or reviews of food additives since 1997; no wonder everyone has migraines and IBS!

More than 5,000 of the 10,000 food additives Americans eat today have either never been tested or reviewed by the FDA, and even if they are reviewed, the only tests being run are by the companies that make them. Sounds really reliable! Way to go U.S.A. That means if you find something that makes things taste good or “preserves” food somehow, you can make lots of money putting it in food, and all you have to do is pretend like you ran some safety test on it, like maybe feed it to your pet rat, and you’re good to go! You can use just about anything too, maybe something growing under the house, or some bugs that surprisingly taste sweet or have some awesome color to make the food look good! Does poison ivy or poison oak taste sweet? Do spider webs preserve food? Run your own tests and sell it to food companies in America with no worries of being sued or shut down.

The Big GRAS joke:

In fact, just about anything added to food is considered “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the FDA, because it’s the FDA that works in tandem with the Sick Care System, so why wouldn’t they? Did you know that this is virtually the same checks and balances system (lack thereof) that’s used for VACCINES? That’s right, the vaccine manufacturer’s are responsible for running their own tests and reporting the data, so they can basically do whatever they want, including running fake tests, or running tests and changing the results, or just saying they ran tests. This is the food and drug industry my friends, and all the more reason to grow your own food and use food as medicine!


Without any testing required by the FDA, food scientists are being paid very well by Big Pharma to create preservatives that create longer shelf life for food, and this is done with total disregard for human life, and may even be done to harm health on purpose. You can call it conspiracy theory if you want to, but without any authority or regulations, many businesses will function like the mafia. Scientists are also being hired to make food LOOK good, at any cost. If fruit looks bright and shiny, it sells better. If bread seems softer and fluffier, it sells better. If pickles, peppers and sauce lasts longer in the jar without growing mold and fungus, more sells. That’s the bottom line. Make money. Clinton jumpstarted food deregulation. George W. Bush propelled it. Obama is destroying all food quality and trying to ruin organic in the meantime. Stay smart. Stay tuned to natural news. Know what dangerous food additives and preservatives are being allowed in food, so you never eat them or drink them.

Natural News covers the de-regulation of food additives and preservatives: “As a result, an overwhelming 99 percent of all food additives currently in use are either untested, were never submitted to the FDA at all or were submitted by industry insiders along with industry-funded safety data. In other words, the fox is guarding the hen house when it comes to food additive safety, as there is little-to-no credible oversight governing what millions of trusting Americans feed their families.”

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The true beginning of FOOD DEREGULATION DATES BACK TO 1958!
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