Inflammation inside the brain – the new “Shaken Vaccination Syndrome”

Everyone has heard of SBS – shaken baby syndrome, which can be deadly. Undoubtedly, this is a real tragedy and can and does really happen, but the question here is, “are all the diagnosed cases based on proper research, or could it be that many of those cases are really a result of toxic vaccinations that cause severe inflammation, brain damage, hemorrhaging, and sometimes death?” Most people are either in total support of vaccines or vehemently against them. Could it be that a rush of mixed (deadly) chemicals injected into the arm of an infant or toddler can create such a “robust” immune response reaction that it makes a baby’s head swell to the point of brain damage? Natural News enthusiasts are apt to think so, especially when reliable research points right to it. Check this out:

“Writing for, investigative journalist Christina England explores this issue in a recent piece, looking at an array of both former and recently published studies involving children who developed cerebral edemas, a type of swelling or inflammation inside the brain, following routine vaccinations.”

They key term here is ROUTINE vaccinations, so we’re not talking about some Swine Flu Hoax shot or just HPV, which we already know is deadly. No we are talking about the shots, the series of shots regularly given to infants, sometimes up to 25 before age 6, and that’s just in America. Third world countries where the U.S. installs democracy are suffering from even higher numbers (disease, disorder and death statistics) and have zero nutrition to counter it all. Just shoot every child up with some thimerisol, msg, sorbitol, DNA from insects, GMO materials, combined virus ingredients, hybrid bacteria, and maybe toss in some aluminum, over and over and over, and then if the baby dies from it, well just say the parents were lousy and shook the child to death, since nobody can “prove” otherwise. What’s really in vaccines? There is proof of MSG, formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury: See what the Health Ranger Mike Adams uncovers on this:

Only vaccine manufacturers are responsible for testing safety of vaccines, so it all works out perfectly for Big Pharma:

What about all the cases where children get the disease from getting the vaccine, and they die? Is that on CNN? Let’s look back at 2010 for some R&D on that!

“England looks at a 2010 review published by Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, for instance, which contains hundreds of cases dating back to the early 1980s in which children developed encephalitis or meningitis following vaccination.”

Learn more:

There’s more research on “Shaken Vaccination Syndrome”

Thimerosal has been found to cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers.

The hazards of thimerosal include neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. This means brain and kidney toxicity.


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