Is it Mosquitoes or Man that the Drone measure is trying to control?

According to Natural News, the Florida state government is trying to bring the state’s mosquito population under control through a spy drone program that they are calling a “mosquito control” effort. This method is sure to violate the privacy of at least some of the residents in the area where the control measures will be carried out. As per local reports, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is planning to begin implementing the “innovative” new initiative soon. The following are excerpts from Keysnet:
Typically used for law enforcement, the district is floating the idea of using an “unmanned autonomous vehicle” — a drone — to help spot shallow-water pools where mosquitoes breed up and down the Keys.

District Director Michael Doyle said he’s invited several government agencies to a scheduled test flight for the UAV at its Marathon office on 107th Street at 10 a.m. Aug. 26.

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But in reality, this drone measure is by no means intended to keep the mosquitoes under control. A 16-page memo that was just released by Obama’s lawyers in the Department of Justice justifies the drone assassination of any American citizen that the American President names — anytime, anywhere, for any reason. This power has no validity in the Constitution or the Federal Law. And, if implemented, it will give rise to a rule of tyranny. The DOJ is justifying this act on the ground that it will help to protect America. This document essentially legalizes the President acting as a serial murderer. If implemented, it will have serious consequences in the long run.
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