It is time to take action – End Fluoridation of Water through certain simple steps!

Cancer Water for the Masses in USA!

According to Natural News, the Supreme Court of Israel has ordered the country to stop fluoridating their water supplies. This comes as a relief, as most developed countries, such as the USA, are doing nothing to take action against this situation. The Supreme Court of Israel took note of the serious implications fluoridated water was having on its citizens and hence asked to stop this process completely by next year. Water fluoridation is linked to several side effects which are harmful to say the least. Some of these are decreased thyroid and kidney function, infertility, lowered intelligence, impaired bone strength, heart disease and elevated cancer risk.
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But even if your government is not taking adequate steps to control the fluoridation of the water, there are several steps that you can undertake to minimize the risk factor by a great extent. Some of these are mentioned below:
• One must filter the water used for drinking, cooking and bathing through reverse osmosis.
• In case one does not have this option, they should opt for a water filtration system that is equipped with this measure to remove the harmful effects of toxins.
• One can also use spring or well water as long as they are sure that it is free of contamination and agricultural wastes.
With these steps, you can detoxify water; but what about the fluoride already present in the body? What do you do about that?
• Infrared saunas are exceptional at removing not only fluoride but also heavy metals.
• In the same way, consuming lemon water throughout the day flushes the liver, thereby enhancing detoxification.
• Make use of herbs, such as milk thistle and tamarind, which are extremely helpful as well.
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