Are you an “extremist?” Take the Natural News Quiz and figure it out now:
I bet you are an extremist and you don’t even know it. Let me name a few dozen “normal” things you might be doing, have done, or plan to do in the near future, and you be the judge. I’ll bet you lunch that you are, in the new “definition” of extremist, at least bordering on being one. Scrub your own life recently against this short list. Take the “extremist” quiz now: Answer these questions in your own mind right now and you will know where you stand:


Have an organic garden in your yard? How big is it? Is any food of any kind, including fruit trees or herbs, growing in your front yard?

Do you have a gun or guns that can fire 10 bullets quickly?

Do you post stuff on Youtube, Facebook or Twitter talking about stuff you hate, like war, crime, new laws, old laws, or do you ever skype with people in foreign countries? What about someone who lives in Europe or the Middle East? Do you email anyone who lives in Russia or Syria? What about south Africa or Columbia, South America?

Do you buy supplements with cash or credit cards? Have you ever bought ammunition with a credit card?

Have you ever consumed raw milk, or bought some from a farmer? Do you have clothes or products made from hemp? Do you eat hemp seed hearts as part of your “heart healthy diet?” Do you take hemp seed oil?

Do you have a pond, lake, or do you ever collect rainwater on your property?

Did you vote for Ron Paul? Did you criticize Obama or Mitt Romney during the campaign last summer or fall? Did you post comical pictures of them to the internet? Do you laugh when you watch the Jon Stewart “Daily Show” on Comedy Central at 11pm on weekdays, or reruns of it on YouTube? Do you think his political humor is hilarious?

John Stewart Tears Apart Obama Over Many Scandals!

If I haven’t labeled you as an extremist yet, the Government probably has. Yes, you are engaging in “extreme” activities, and even though they are in the Bill of Rights, that “Bill” that “Charter” died during Obama’s first run, in case you hadn’t heard of NDAA, the definition of the word “terrorist” and Obama’s right to shoot down “suspects” with a drone on American soil. Yeah, the categories and “breaching” of the suspicion “arena” is very gray, and probably wouldn’t hold up in court, but none of that matters because the Supreme Court feels the same way, and so does Congress, so sorry about your luck.
Do you travel a lot, out of the country much? Is your passport up to date?

Have you ever been to see a psychiatrist or psychologist? If you also own a weapon you could be the extremist that YOU are worried about.

Have you ever taken psych meds, like psychotropic medications, for depression, anxiety, ADHD, stress, or even for pain? Which ones. These are on record and the IRS and NSA are reviewing your rights and your being categorized in a huge data base, the Mother system of Google, NSA and IRS. This is all combined with any arrest record you may have and your MEDICAL RECORDS. What do you think Obamacare really is, some handout for people who eat crappy processed foods all day and want some free doctor and medicine coverage? Ain’t gonna happen people! That would be too “extreme.”

It’s time to wake up and smell the hoax. The government of USA is afraid of you. Afraid of you being a free minded thinker who figures out the whole scam, to control you and take away your rights, your organic garden, your guns and your freedom of speech and press. This is what they are after.

All you survivalists, you are extreme.

All you SURTHRIVALISTS, you are extreme. Here are fifty food items to stockpile now: (Health Ranger releases preparedness foods shopping list)

All you people who own automatic or semi-automatic weapons, even the registered ones, you are extreme.

All you “preppers,” you are extremists! You are preparing for natural disaster, you must know something! If you are preparing for a hurricane or flood, do you know something the government doesn’t know, or even worse, do you know something the government knows?! If you start spreading the word on the internet, you are an extremist!

Have you seen CNN faking war coverage?

Your delusional world is extreme. You are extreme. You may be labeled as an extremist by your government and shot down by a drone in the city, or on the sidewalk. The video cameras above the street lights on those big poles, they are watching you. What will you do with your day now, now that you know, now that THEY know you know? What will you say, and write, and what merchandise will you decide NOT to buy??

Now it’s time to decide where you stand and what you stand for!

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“People who grow their own food labeled ‘extremist’ by Dept. of Defense”
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Mike Adams the Health Ranger has great advice on this: “Permaculture organic gardening is growing in popularity as more people realize that it offers an inexpensive and relatively low-maintenance way to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.”

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Natural News wants to help you get ready before the “crunch” comes, and it’s coming!


How does the Media lie? How do the major networks mislead you into buying things you normally wouldn’t buy, or NOT buying things you would regularly buy? How does the media convince you so well, to change your mind and spend money supporting the wrong causes, the wrong “cures,” and worst of all, the wrong food and medicine?

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CNN and the NEW YORK TIMES tell you what THEY want you to know, and that’s all:

NY Times blatantly lies about costs of health insurance under Obamacare

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