Hospital means “place to die” in Latin; what does “fast food” mean?

According to Natural News, the “walkout” strike called by the fast food workers in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Memphis and Tampa, among other U.S. cities, over their low-pay wage is ironic in itself, and yet it is a reason for celebration, because it has again brought the GMO issue to the forefront. The workers are demanding to be paid $15/hour and have decided to walk off their jobs in order to protest their low wages.
This entire walkout appears to be a paradox, considering that they are demanding to be paid their “living wage” when they themselves serve food that is high in MSG, processed salt, fried fats, refined sugars, chemical additives and so on that are the major reasons behind some of the serious diseases that we are suffering from such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and more. In fact, none of the foods served by these fast food centers can be considered nutritious.
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The moment we think of hospitals we conjure up images of a place where the sick go in order to get healthy. But sadly, that seems to be a fantasy nowadays. It is a place where antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” are injected into the patients, and one will find filth in many hospital areas as well. And what seems to have made this situation worse is the availability of fast foods in hospital cafeterias. It seems that those who are in the hospital industry have a complete lack of knowledge regarding what comprises a healthy meal.
The group Corporate Accountability International (CAI), a consumer advocacy group, has mailed a formal letter to 21 U.S. hospitals asking them to stop serving fast foods like McDonald’s to the visitors and guests in the hospital cafeteria. The group has cited many statistics that highlight how many of the patients getting cured in the hospitals are victims of fast food consumption like that of McDonald’s.
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