ATTENTION ADULTS WITH TEETH: how many cavity fillings, crowns, caps and root canals did you get as a child that were not necessary?

A dental clinic chain known as ‘Small Smiles,’ operating in twenty-two states is under fire for just that, loading up kid’s mouths with unnecessary or even false diagnosed dental work, costly work, and then over-billing the insurance companies to get rich quick. One “client for life” is suing for dental fraud, after realizing his mouth was full of unnecessary and long term health issues: “12 fillings, a pulpotomy and crown, two extractions, four temporary crowns, and two root canals.” They “… routinely performed “unnecessary, inappropriate, unsafe, and excessive dental procedures on young children” in order to generate obscene profits.” Also in the report, “… a number of injuries as a result of receiving the illegitimate treatments.” Unfortunately, this is common throughout the entire dental industry, as are unnecessary dental procedures and false diagnoses.


What are most fillings made of? Metal. Mercury. Toxins. Are you wondering why you get migraine headaches? Do you stand next to the microwave oven when its “nuking” your food? Could the rays be “activating” those toxins? Do some research.

How do you get mercury fillings OUT of your mouth without exposing yourself?

Have your teeth ever chipped easily, where you have dental fillings? Is that because the dentist drilled away at the enamel, or made the fillings too big, or maybe they just started the damage by picking at your teeth with a METAL pick? What are these ADA sellouts using for root canals that are causing health problems? Do some research.

Does your dentist recommend fluoride? Does your dentist drink fluoridated water from the tap? You should ask, because it’s not regulated by dosage, so how can they monitor this “drug water” while they put the same stuff on your teeth?

There is a HIDDEN history of MEDICINE in USA and you should know about it. What lies has the dental industry been perpetuating for 100 years? There is a free report on Natural News you can download as a PDF and it contains 25 professional articles on this topic. Imagine how much you could learn, and how fast. All the research is at your fingertips, so you can protect yourself, your family, your teeth, your kid’s teeth, and your livelihood by self-educating and making wise, informed choices. Don’t trust the AMA and the ADA just because they have big names. Those are infamous names.

Health News in the Press Now: “FORBA, its owners and dentists have regularly been charged by federal and state authorities with committing Medicaid fraud, violating dental standards of care, and breaching other state dental rules in connection with the treatment they provided to young children,” the complaint states, citing dental licenses revoked or suspended in several states between 2004 and 2008.”

According to the National Healthcare Anti-Fraud Association, dental fraud collectively tops $10 billion a year, which is higher than the annual amount for credit card fraud.

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