TED! It’s the meeting of the greatest “minds” worldwide, to figure out how to keep everyone stupid and sick

Once in a while, they come together, at a big convention, wrought with expensive food at expensive hotels and some banner decorated meeting “hall” convention centre. It’s not hard to please the fat cats, just give ‘em some charbroiled steaks, a pen and a little pad of paper with the TED logo at the top, and you’re good to go. Set up a microphone at the front – center on a fancy stage with a huge TED banner, and some slogan or “montra” they can all repeat together at the beginning and end of each genius guest speaker’s rant.

Then, after the big kahuna’s speak, it’s round table discussion, to figure out how to further the PLOT, the evil plan to get MORE filthy rich while controlling the idiotic masses, the ones who would rise up and carry their torches “to the capitol” if only the fluoride and mercury didn’t give them so much brain damage that they can’t read a map.

Here it comes! TED! The plan of the century. The planners who keep the world “safe” and “flat” just like Neanderthals like it. Get your fire at walmart and cook your hot dogs, and stay tuned to CNN for the next big event, all scripted out as PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION.

Here it comes! Here comes the news and the grandioso “blueprint plan” from TED!, the scientific based healthcare system that injects humans with chemicals in order to further all those chemically driven diseases and disorders they got from their chemical food and chemical water. It’s the psychology of evil! Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural News.com received this super-secret list from a super-secret TED insider who, just like TED’s “science advisory board,” doesn’t want his name made public for fear of being asked to explain himself.

So click here for the list of the top 12 future TED talks coming soon:


Are there too many people of Earth? Maybe a vaccine could kill off a few million. What would that entail?


Isn’t Bill Gates the coolest guy in the world, with that empire he built? I wonder if he wants to get richer by reducing how many people are in the world, or maybe just creating a MASTER RACE, like Hitler wanted to, that can work his Microsoftware better! That must be the TED finale!




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