Wake up and smell the coffee: chemotherapy is chemical treatment for a disease caused by eating chemicals – Natural News exclusive

Do you eat cancer daily? How does one “eat cancer?” S.D. Wells of Natural News delves into this common sense topic and approach to addressing and even CURING cancer. What is right in front of our noses that we are simply ignoring? What is the elephant in the room doing right now? How many people in America eat and drink chemicals daily, then get cancer, then go to the oncologist for chemical treatments that put more toxicity in the blood? Every other man and every third woman in America get cancer at some point in their lives. Why? America is fed cancer. That’s why.

If your children were swimming in a pool and you saw a poisonous spider in the water near them, would you pour a gallon of bug killing liquid in, and then let your kids keep swimming around, after the spider “died,” all while your kids are laughing, swallowing a little water, getting in their eyes, with their skin soaking it all in? Well, would you? Does that make sense to you? Kill that spider!!! Welcome to the world of Modern Medicine, the great WESTERN world of allopathic meds and the mysterious world of cancer, where NOBODY can seem to figure out the cause, or the cure, and the mainstream method of treatment for ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER DISEASE, and Hormone Meat Disease, and Antibiotic Milk Syndrome, – where all the cures for these are fundraising events where the Presidents and CEO’s bankroll, but everybody marching and walking “for the cure” have no idea they’re making matters worse! These organizations, especially the big ones, are spending money to bury the cure, my friends. They are spending your donated money to BURY the cure. Did you know? Natural News wants you to know the truth and dispel the myths now.

“If your life were being threatened and some stranger came along to save you and said, “I will save you now, but you MUST AGREE that I can kill you anytime in the next five years, and not go to prison for it,” would you agree to be rescued, only to live out that rather short, cruel fate? Most conventional cancer treatments should be ILLEGAL because they are aimed at doing just that; extending your life one to five years, and that’s it. After that, they just “let people know” when it’s time to die. Sound reasonable? It’s not! What’s even worse is that the last five years are often full of unnecessary pain and suffering, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Those last few years usually completely drain a person until they are emotionally and financially bankrupt. Wake up and smell the coffee.”






Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041966_cancer-causing_foods_prevention_remedies.html#ixzz2eOwoBQVr

Speak up. Be heard. Share knowledge. Win the food war. Eat only Organic! Live long and prosper. Track natural news. Track the Health Ranger Mike Adams. Know what to eat and what to never eat. This is the health update from the Natural News Tracker:



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