Trader Joes and the rest of America will “pay” for other people’s “Cadillac” health care plans

Fabrications of Disease by USA Pharma
Let’s just say millions of Americans who do not take care of themselves, and eat fast food and take “chemical” medicines daily are essentially getting a free ride from the healthy ones, according to Obamacare and what’s already begun to take shape. This shape shifting “mandatory” care is sending Trader Joes to the accounting room, to figure out how to keep employees but without the insurance “package” employment plan. They’ll be thrown to the wolves, in other words, out there on the streets trying to get something from the Obamacare ACA exchange. Sorry guys, but if you work 29 hours or less a week, you’re not covered because it just costs TOO MUCH, this new healthcare plan, just like Obama said it wouldn’t! It’s sick care for the zombies who accept Western Medicine as the only medicine, and who know NOTHING about nutrition. This is “top of the line” coverage – meaning bottom of the barrel. This is health coverage for the dregs and the guinea pigs of America, this is coverage for the fools who think coverage means natural medicine, or cures, or prevention. This is the Zombie care program, and it’s going to be enforced by the one and only … wait for it …. I – R – S.

Health Insurance for the Full Timers Only – Across America- it’s coming!

Do you have a pre-existing condition? Will the tables turn on THAT too, just like the costs that just went up? Are the healthy being punished here for 30 years of the lazy going to drive through windows and ordering fast food? The IRS will be coming to audit your medical file to see if your emails match what you claimed via NSA. This is the new HUB of information gathering. Attention all people working less than 30 hours a week, good luck out there! Even if you are full time and get the “Affordable” care coverage, what does that even mean? That you will be covered for xrays and radiation, cut and burn care, chemical pharmaceuticals that are GMO and injected into you? Does affordable care mean I am just covered for the care that keeps me sick or makes me sicker? What ever happened to immunity? The President ran his campaign on healthcare, not nutrition or knowledge about organic food, he ran on how to pay for your sicknesses and disorders, to promise to pay for THAT. So, the question is …

Who’s arguing for what? What kind of coverage do people really even WANT?

Natural News is covering this:

“Some of the worst predictions about it have already come true. Premiums for millions of Americans will not go down, but will go up instead. Many won’t be able to keep their doctors. Millions still won’t have coverage.”

Learn more:

Will YOU “pay” for other people’s “Cadillac” health care plans?


Learn more:

“… but what are they REALLY getting? They are getting chronic lifestyle care and a bundle of synthetic, lab-made chemicals, radiation, x-rays, dangerous pharmaceuticals and bad advice about surgically removing organs, none of which includes advice about nutrition, natural remedies, or detoxification and organ cleansing.”

Check out more CADILLAC health care SCAMS here:

“Obamacare to unleash crushing new taxes, trillions in debt, huge job losses, and it doesn’t even cover natural medicine”

This is just a concentration of ECONOMIC POWER in the hands of the federal government. This is the power to control your health from both ends, GMO in, and chemical “treatment” for GMO Disease.

More on GMO Disease:

Five short videos from Jeffrey Smith provide sharable introduction to
GMOs for your friends who need to know
Even farm animals refuse to eat GMOs

Learn more:

Also GMO in diet soda and cigarettes: Read this!


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