Whole Foods caught lying AGAIN – training employees to lie to customers saying absolutely NO GMOs in the store at all

How do you fool millions of organic minded consumers and serve and sell them genetically MUTATED food and get away with it? You open a huge “chain” store that says no GMO ever. You train your employees from DAY ONE to say no GMO’s in the store. You show them videos of how GREAT your store is because it never carries those SCARY foods these people are trying to avoid with all their might and wisdom.

Whole foods … let’s call it “Whole Foods.” That will fool the most possible, right?

In mass quantities people POUR IN to Whole Foods, some asking pertinent questions to make sure they are not eating pesticide, insecticide, herbicide and fungicide. People want to know if they are consuming fluoride watered vegetables and fruits with bug and weed killer growing inside them, as they “live” on the shelves, and as the employees lie to them and say not to worry, the coast is clear. But the Organic Spies caught em again, this time with lots more video interview proof from employees who tell it exactly like it is, was, and WILL be for at least 5 more Years. Get with the program. Never ever eat GMO food. Boycott Whole Foods until they get with the program, for real. They don’t deserve to be in business right now. People have been blatently lied to and it may not even be the low or mid level employees’ fault, they were told lies in training from Day 1.


Mike Adams the Health Ranger has coverage:
Whistleblower confirmed as former Whole Foods employee: “According to Organic Spies, Whole Foods Market deliberately taught employees to lie to customers about GMOs for a five-year period, spanning 2007 – 2011.”
Everyone is starting to freak out a little, as Monsanto grows and gets power in the U.S. Government and in Legislation written in Wash DC. People need to see what’s really going on behind closed doors. People don’t want to be lumped in with conspiracy theorists, but it seems most of those theories come true lately, as proven on videos and excerpts from Alternative Media that show up all over YouTube and NaturalNewsTV with millions of shares. It’s so obvious now, with a long line of years of proof, that the food criminals are lobbying in Washington DC and running our main Agriculture of the U.S. FARMLAND – that’s totally polluted with toxic seeds, toxic fertilizers, toxic fluoridated water, toxic RoundUp weedkiller, superpests, superbugs, pesticide and more pesticide. That is why people want to know if something is GMO or NOT.
This is the now-famous video that was censored by YouTube. It shows Whole Foods employees LYING about the GMOs being sold by the store. Fact: Whole Foods is a massive retailer for Monsanto’s GM corn, which is found in all sorts of products on the shelves at Whole Foods. This is the same strain of genetically engineered corn that French researchers recently linked to massive cancer tumors in rats. As of this writing, Whole Foods has offered ZERO support for Proposition 37 and has made NO effort to require GMO labeling for the products it sells.

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