Tens of thousands share Natural News article about DANGERS of the FLU VACCINE this fall

Vaccine nightmare filled with toxins invades chidren's blood
Do you want the flu? Do you want to make yourself MORE susceptible to it? Would you like your body to be weak and fighting off chemical infection while people around you are sick? Do you like waiting in the doctor’s waiting room, with a bunch of sick people and kids, waiting to be seen for your sickness? Waiting to get some pharmaceuticals for your symptoms? Then go get the flu shot, and get injected with chemicals. It all makes sense. The people who profit most from your sickness are selling “seasonal” injections that make you weak, sick, sick with “other” bacteria, and mixed viruses that are “weakened” but still alive in your body. Big pharma sells vaccines well, at local drug stores and grocery stores. They don’t care who injects you with it, as long as you get it. Flu shots and bad health care coverage, sponsored by thimerosal and aluminum blood drives. March for the cure for chemical injections in a town near you soon! It’s the autumn autopsy march for the common cold, this October at town center!

Look, they’re talking about the flu shots on TV, between depression commercials and arthritis medication ads. Hey, look, they’re giving away free flu jabs on the corner, did you see that billboard?!

Do they have “drive through windows” for the flu shot yet? Do you get a free bowl of GMO corn chowder soup with the injection? Are they putting GMO corn syrup in shots yet? What percentage of the flu virus is GMO anyway, millions of people are asking.

Check in to natural News via on line or radio now and find out:


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Remember this study from 2011: “Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu shots to brain damage, autism”

“While governmental groups around the world consider the dangers of mercury, the debate over Thimerosal continues to grow. When Bill Gates recently made remarks insinuating that people who question the safety of vaccines were killing children, many critics of Thimerosal were shocked because they agree with the need for vaccines and want to maintain public confidence in the vaccine program.” – SOURCE Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs (CoMeD)


“The flu shot has a measly 1.5 percent effectiveness rate — for every 100 people vaccinated with a flu shot, …” “Mercury is known to cause serious harm, especially to fetuses and children because of their smaller size,” said Lisa Sykes, president of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD), a non-profit group dedicated to removing mercury from medicine. “Why remove Thimerosal from pediatric vaccines only to inject it into pregnant women and children with recommended flu shots?”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/031870_flu_shots_brain_damage.html#ixzz2fihkK5cb

Find out more about VACCINE DANGERS from the Health Ranger Mike Adams:
• A list of the many MDs, PhDs, NDs and other medical professionals who are signing onto this document.
• Why vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective.
• A list of some of the serious health side effects caused by vaccines.
• Why autism is associated with vaccines.
• The profit motivation behind the pharmaceutical industry’s big vaccine push.
• A list of which institutions and organizations profit from your sickness.


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