Canary Party expected to make a noticeable impact in the 2014 elections! Natural News cover story

Let’s face it, politics is a game and the only desired outcomes are power and money. There remain only a handful of politicians right now in the mix of the two party “masters” and the system doesn’t even let them debate properly. Politics is nasty and it all runs down hill, to the states, to the regions, to the “districts,” and to the gutters. From the housing bubble to the tsunamis, you can find out what’s really “hitting” the beaches and the banks, and making them polluted and bankrupt of anything natural. It’s not just time to wake up and smell the coffee. That time has passed. It’s no use walking when its past time to run.

Ron Paul influenced about 20% of the nation with his talk last “run” – but he was deprived of the big media spotlight, and they left his side every time he made a valid point, which is during just about every time he talks. But still, Paul didn’t have the momentum needed to help people get off the two-party platform hoax. Have you heard of the Canary Party? Do you know how much power there is in truth and non-politics voice? Politicians are only as powerful as you make them or “allow them to be.” You have rights. You have a constitution. You have decisions about how you live every day, what organic foods or chemical foods you consume; decisions about what organic personal products you use and which ones you leave on the corporate “chemical” shelves. You have decisions to make, to support sustainable “everything” and never donate dollars to evil corporations and entities that want you sick. Don’t trust the politician filled organizations like the FDA, AMA, ADA, CDC, EPA and so on. Don’t trust BioTech and Monsanto with anything. Don’t trust Big Nazi Pharma in America, because that’s what it is. Look into the ideas and causes that are ethical, smart and evolutionary. Check out people who think about others and care about our future:

Straight from Natural News current events: “What is the Canary Party? It’s a group of moms, dads, concerned citizens and scientists who recognize the severe harm being caused to our world and our children by toxic heavy metals and synthetic chemicals found in vaccines, medicines, foods, personal care products and even products for the home. Their published mission statement is:

The Canary Party is a movement created to stand up for the victims of medical injury, environmental toxins and industrial foods by restoring balance to our free and civil society and empowering consumers to make health and nutrition decisions that promote wellness.”

Read the Canary Party Position Paper: “Your Health, Your Choice, Your Voice” – this is the paper that launched their efforts!

“The time has come for a change. The mounting crisis in the health of children and other vulnerable groups has not only been ignored by medical authorities, it has been suppressed. In 19th century coalmines, canaries were used for the first time to detect the presence of poisonous gas accumulation deep in underground tunnels. Because their metabolisms run faster than humans, these small animals provided a crucial signal in dangerous times: the canaries would die from toxic gas releases before humans. Normally quite vocal, the silence of these songbirds was the signal of danger. Back then, miners whose lives depended on the absence of poisons paid close attention to the absence of the canary’s song. Today, as the rising power and spread of the medical industrial complex are taking an increasing toll on human health, we need to recognize the silenced canaries all around us.


Be a part of this. Wake up, be smart, make smart choices for you and the ones you love. Tell your friends and relatives about this. You can make the difference in their lives just by helping them find this information and appreciate a group that is REALLY looking out for people’s health and health freedom, the freedom from chemical foods, chemical medicines, and chemical vaccines. We can balance nature and technology. One doesn’t have to “hinder” the other or pollute the other. We can advance, evolve and be whole. We don’t have to act like Neanderthals. Write how you feel and then share what you write. Be a natural news enthusiast.

Natural News and Mike Adams, the Editor will look at what you write and have to say about healthy ways of life. Submit some of your own ideas or start your blog here:

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Forget the evil politicians. Vote them out of office and watch the world change for the better. You have control. Yes you. Natural News is going to help spread the word and make sure candidates realize that those who side with dangerous, deadly corporations are going to be exposed as “poisoners” who are murdering humankind.

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