The mercury present in dental fillings can cause permanent damage to one’s heart, kidneys, liver and brain!

Fabrications of Disease by USA Pharma
According to Natural News, the city council of Berkeley, California, voted to keep mercury in dental fillings, keeping consumers in the dark on the fact that they are all being poisoned with a deadly neurotoxin that causes permanent brain damage. Both the dentists and the doctors supported the decision to keep it hidden from their patients, lest they would stop availing themselves of the service, which in turn will affect their profits.
It turns out that “amalgam fillings” contain more than 50 percent mercury, and once installed in patients’ mouths, they off-gas mercury vapor which, when inhaled by the patient, enters their bloodstream and causes permanent and severe cellular damage to their heart, kidneys, liver and brain.
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According to the EPA, more than 30 tons of mercury was used in dental fillings in the year 2004. In fact, the improper disposal of mercury-contaminated devices and supplies by the dental offices are also polluting the world with mercury. As the EPA states on its dental amalgam page:
“If the amalgam waste is sent to a landfill, the mercury may be released into the groundwater or air. If the mercury is incinerated, mercury may be emitted to the air from the incinerator stacks. And finally, if mercury-contaminated sludge is used as an agricultural fertilizer, some of the mercury used as fertilizer may also evaporate to the atmosphere. Through precipitation, this airborne mercury eventually gets deposited onto water bodies, land and vegetation. Some dentists throw their excess amalgam into special medical waste (“red bag”) containers, believing this to be an environmentally safe disposal practice. If waste amalgam solids are improperly disposed in medical red bags, however, the amalgam waste may be incinerated and mercury may be emitted to the air from the incinerator stacks. This airborne mercury is eventually deposited into water bodies and onto land. Mercury amalgam also accumulates on dental supplies, such as cotton swabs and gauze, and these materials are usually deposited in the regular trash. In local areas where trash is incinerated, the mercury in this trash can be released via air emissions.”
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