Beating Cancer with the Organic Samurai – Natural News Tracker exclusive
Welcome to the most popular Natural News Blog and your Health Ranger Update. It’s important to stay tuned to what Mike Adams, the Editor of Natural News, is finding, investigating, reporting on, and expounding on daily, because this is the HEART of news, not the fluff or the hype, not the politics of television, this is the heart of news that affects how you function daily, whether it’s health and wellness, energy and positive thinking, or vitality and critical thinking, or reality and organic well-being. If you absolutely must watch television or read the newspaper, just be sure to check the facts with Alternative Media which shines a spotlight on everything affecting your healthy path. Outsmart the hoaxes and the hidden agendas, and make your agenda wise, natural, and “gut healthy!”

The Natural News Tracker is investigating chemicals in foods, because there are so many, and they attack on so many different fronts, that for busy folk who want to learn the ropes but not have to spend all day doing it, this is the breakdown, the “low down” so to speak, on all those 75,000 plus additives, preservatives, drugs used in animals, pesticides used in vegetable seeds, – this is the Health Basics 101 of this “Big Food” agenda, the agenda where BAD food wants to make you one of “theirs” and capture your purchasing and your sickness, so “Big Pharma” can treat it with cover up medicine I like to call “Symptom Cosmetics.”


How often do you consume red meat and carbohydrates? How many people around you have cancer right now and don’t know it? Are they drinking water that has been polluted by the chemicals in plastic bottles or the toxic pesticide fluoride America dumps into municipal drinking (tap) water? How often do you eat arsenic contaminated rice, like “Golden Rice” or GMO wheat?

Cancer PREVENTION is an evolving lifestyle, and you can join right in at any time. You can get to the inside track in one second by clicking on the proper link and tapping into the vast knowledge put together over the most recent TWELVE YEARS – as natural news enthusiasts all come together in one place – – and feed and fuel each other by sharing the ultimate insight to developing news, products, legislation in D.C., FDA cover-ups, whistleblowers from Big Industry, Big Food, Big Agriculture and Big Pharma. Natural News features doctors and lawyers, scientists and ex-military, people who tell it like it is, and Mike Adams does his own in depth research, in the Natural News Forensics Food Lab.

Cancer Prevention is a science, a philosophy, an organic victory that just keeps repeating itself, day in and day out, blowing away all the statistics and hype and fear mongering that the Western Medicine hacks want you to believe. You don’t ever have to be fooled again. Read the blogs and the reports, listen to the radio and tune into the INSIDE TRACK OF INFORMATION about organic healing, longevity and sustainability, of your health, your environment, and your future, our future.

Beating Cancer with the Organic Samurai
The Organic Samurai - Natural News Tracker exclusive coverage


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