Log onto the NSA (privacy exposed) “med-hub” and punch in your medical history for your affordable “exchange” on the USA spy grid

What is Obamacare, really? Eric Snowden knows, but he’s hiding somewhere in Russia, so we can’t ask him. I would like to ask, is the Grand Canyon a “glitch?” Because millions of people NOT being able to figure out how to sign up for Obamacare on the big rollout day sounds like a Grand Canyon of problems. Maybe a bottomless pit. Oh, but the CNN script rolls out, acting like they’re criticizing the system, but in reality “small sizing” the GLITCH. The glitch they call that little spiraling “thingy” that means you are stuck in cyberspace, waiting for the system to “register” your private emails, or did you forget about the whole NSA/Google/Obama/DHS/FEMA/ information hub privacy invasion leak? Wait, that was a few months back. That’s old news! Let’s plug ALL of our families private medical information into a system that is wrought with glitches and hang-ups and let our social security number float around in there, while Obama and Bill Gates negotiate how to fix all those glitches using the prism slides.

FIFTY PERCENT FAILURE A “SUCCESS:” 50% or more could not get on or get through to the programs they were trying to check out Oct. 1st on the symptoms cosmetics network. So many people have pre-existing conditions and want to know if they can continue to live on addictive pharmaceuticals, like pain killers and depression enhancers. Some people just want to know if they can continue dealing the drugs they buy from their doctors, because “doling out” pharmaceuticals on the streets is easy when you can go to the doctors and complain of back and head aches and get something scribbled out to take to the pharmacy and cash in.

But wait, if you get psych meds and pain meds, and you have a criminal history, or a couple D.U.I.’s,, won’t the IRS flag you for an audit, knowing that if you are off the deep end on the health side, you’re probably rotten on paper too, and maybe you have some unregistered guns, and they could squeeze you, like they did the organizations “they don’t like” that applied for non-profit status last year (the ones that didn’t vote for them). It’s MAFIA healthcare! Want some? Just survive the glitch and you’re in!


Maybe you forgot, it’s been SO LONG: Here’s a quick flashback: “NSA spy scandal has just exploded beyond the worst fears of the highly-secretive U.S. government. The whistleblower behind the leaked PRISM slides has just stepped forward, offering a mind-blowing interview to investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald,…”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040694_edward_snowden_glenn_greenwald_interview.html#ixzz2gZKeqtmz

LEAKED PRISM SLIDES view them here. Remember, PRISM isn’t about tracking terrorists; it’s about stalking and surveilling influential Americans

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040693_NSA_spy_grid_PRISM_slides_tech_giants.html#ixzz2gZL14Ank

Don’t punch any info into the “FEMA” switchboard, the glitchboard:

Get the inside scoop on healthcare, healthcare fraud, and your rights to privacy, to freedom of speech, to own a gun, to take organic supplements, to drink organic water (spring water) and to say no to vaccines. These are your rights. Protect them with your life. Do not “enter” your medical information where it can’t be trusted. Talk to your Naturopath Physician and your Nutritionist now!


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