Complete power grid failure for U.S. would force hundreds of millions into survival mode

The News at Night Does Not Want You to be Healthy!
Imagine this – you’re on your way home, almost there, and all the city lights fail, not just the traffic signals, but the all the stores’ power, and police and ambulances are rushing in every direction around you. There’s chaos at the big intersections and your cell phone has no connection whatsoever. It’s looking obvious that nobody around you in the other cars have a cell phone connection, because they are all in panic mode and you have no idea what the heck is going on. Finally, you hook the corner to the street you live on and you pull up in your driveway. You realize that your gas tank is on low and you only have about $15.00 cash in your wallet/purse. You go in your house and there’s no power. You can’t turn on the news so you turn on your laptop, which has about 2 hours of battery charge left. No internet. Now what? You look in your lockbox and you have no cash savings in the house.

Do you have kids in school? Do you still have a job? Do you use an EBT card for food and will it work anymore? Will credit cards work anywhere? How long will the lines at grocery stores and gas stations be in the next few hours if all power in U.S. goes down all at once by some major event or disaster? Do you have a generator?

Quickly, you run to the fridge, freezer and pantry and you don’t have a whole lot of food left. Nothing stored but some cans and some frozen vegetables that probably have freezer burn. What about water, will that fail soon too? What kind of disaster has struck and HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? Do you have any survival type weapons, like guns, knives or even swords? Where will you go, or will you lock yourself down in your home, with very little food and water and a shallow defense system against hungry mobs of panicking idiots and thieves? You better get the news and find out what’s going on now. Get prepared. Be self sufficient when crisis comes, folks, because by the looks of the REAL news now, it’s coming big time. Natural News is reporting:

Failure of the power grid

“For example, an unfortunate solar flare could cause a powerful EMP spike that blows out the tens of thousands of transformers currently serving the power grid. That would take the grid offline for a year or more. A new plan was proposed to retrofit the power grid with new hardware that would defend against an EMP-induced failure, but it would take decades to implement. EMP weapons can also produce a similarly disastrous effect, and North Korea, a nuclear-capable nation, has already threatened to launch a high-altitude ballistic missile with the intention of detonating it high above North America, causing an EMP spike across much of the nation.”… “all federal financial obligations will be null and void in such a scenario, including all federal pensions, health care plans, social security payments veterans’ benefits and so on.”


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