The Great Cash Stash – people don’t trust banks much since 2008 so “home” is where the funds “sleep”

Look, over there, a government that doesn't talk about nutrition!
Since 2008, households in the six biggest developed economies added $3.3 trillion, or 15 percent, to their cash holdings – the AP reported. Think about that for a second. $3.3 trillion MORE cash is stashed away, and the banks can’t LEND on it, and they can’t “steal” escrow profits from it, and they can’t rape their customers with miniscule interest on those savings, and they can’t shove it into hedge funds and gamble your life savings away. People are waking up fast to the BIG lie, that banks shouldn’t fail, and that they should be bailed out, like a car business going under, or a fake Obama “green energy” company. People realize banks made out like bandits during the housing boom, before the big bubble burst, by lending out high risk loans, and negative amortization loans, and ADJUSTABLE RATE LOANS, knowing good and well they could be bailed out of the mess, the landslide, the value appreciation CRASH. People just don’t trust banks anymore. Not since 2008. Not since the now infamous Cyprus private wealth invasion, remember?

Cyprus bank bailout agreement is pure theft: 40% of private deposits to be looted from selected accounts

Bureaucrats just decide when and how to steal your money when they need it bad, and if it’s sitting in some big bank account, like at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or Chase, they’ll probably just grab it using some term you didn’t know about that makes it “legal” and “necessary” in a crisis: You do know about NDAA don’t you? Obama can seize your funds, your land, your food, your weapons, and he can house soldiers in your living room – just like in the old country – and you can’t do a thing about it. He’ll come in with those Feds and the DHS swat unit and take that from you in the name of National Security. It’s time to read up on all of this and protect your cash, your food, your assets from “the Man.”

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Natural News has the coverage:
“A global economy which relies on consumption as its lifeblood. When consumption slips, so, too, does growth in employment and wages – especially in the U.S., the nation with the world’s largest economy and consumer class.”


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