13.8 billion years after the “Big Bang” life evolves on planet Earth, but does science denounce faith or is it based on it?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is this a dumb question? Why, because you can’t figure it out? What’s the scientific answer? Are you a science person, or do you really even know what that means? There are massive arguments that stem from conversations like these in schools, including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and adult education facilities. Are you a deep thinker, or has the GMO food, toxic vaccines and fluoridated water ruined your brain and your ability to philosophize? Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News, challenges you to consider where we came from, how, why, and the reason science can’t just explain the one thing that all science stems from, life.

“Ultimately, the answer given by scientists is that life spontaneously sprang from lifelessness. Seriously, that’s their real answer. They have more technical-sounding names for it, and there are hundreds of books written on various theories that might explain it, but ultimately, scientists believe in magic. Because “magic” is the only way you can really explain life rising from lifelessness.”

Modern medicine, Western medicine that is, is based on strict science, or so they would have you believe. You see, by conning the masses into believing most disease and disorder is genetic, and that you have to go to medical school for 8 to 12 years in order to look through a microscope and see how screwed up every human being really is. Science has us believe we are all born sick, and dysfunctional, and that we are all just lucky lab rats who need pharmaceuticals and vaccines to stay alive, until, of course, the end of the line – death. For example, “As an example of this, ask any doctor or pharmacist this question: “Is there such thing as an unsafe vaccine?” Could science ever make a mistake, especially over and over and over? Could chemicals in vaccines be more damaging and dangerous to the human body that any disease ever? Could it be that humans who get vaccines are weak and susceptible to the very diseases the chemical combo-jabs are intended to prevent? Also, could it be that the very people who are using science as their foundation for “evolution” be ruining evolution by using synthetic medicine to treat natural phenomenon? Is science deadening humankind?

Let’s consider where we came from and then where we are going to right now. It’s important to not only know your “roots” but to appreciate Earth’s “roots,” even if we can’t fully prove anything with a microscope and a peer review.

Learn more about yourself and the world right here: http://www.naturalnews.com/038985_universe_simulation_intelligent_design.html


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