Join the GREAT SNIPE HUNT: is a big joke, turns out nobody is really covered!

Here is a quote HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the female Grand Moff Tarkin of the Obama administration: “People are frustrated with a website, but the product is there.” What product? Can you imagine if you bought a cell phone but couldn’t make any calls for the first three months? What if the Government could sue you for not making calls during that period? What if, like back in England, you could be PUT IN JAIL for not paying the fines and the TAXES that are levied on you? Remember that’s one of the main reasons people fled to America from Europe. Is this modern day persecution? What product is Sebelius talking about, because having an account number with your email attached to it doesn’t mean you’re covered for your pre-existing conditions at free market pricing. The “product” Sebelius is talking about is not Obamacare, it’s a bunch of mannequins in a store window, but there’s no store. It’s a big SNIPE HUNT.

Mike Adams of Natural News let’s the masses in on something he’s been covering since the first day of release of the fake front worthless “glitch” system:

“The 1+ million calls were from people who couldn’t get the website to work. The 19 million visits were the BROWSER REFRESHES invoked by desperate people who kept getting error message and dead screens. When Sebelius says, “people are able to sign up,” she’s not willing to say how many people. Is it two? Ten? Maybe twelve? Why is this number so secret that it can’t be released to the public who paid for it all?”

The “stairway to healthcare heaven” is dead:

All the computer gurus in the world couldn’t get together and fix this nightmare inside of TWO YEARS. Of course, Obama didn’t know. Nope. He had no idea about Benghazi, the NSA spy grid, the IRS leaning on the Tea Party and non-profit organizations they don’t like, no, Obama had no idea when he said, pre-emptive that there would of course, be glitches. Yeah, like Iraq has no infrastructure, still today, you mean, that kind of glitch? Healthcare.gump has no infrastructure, my friends. And soon the cat will be out of the bag. Maybe Obama will try to distract everyone from the subject, by starting some new war or beginning the inflation apocalypse with his buddies on Wall Street. We shall soon find out, and CNN and MSNBC will be covering the fraud, the hoaxes, the staged events with all their “objectiveness” and pro-war-ness and terrorism-ness.

All aboard the Obamanation Titantic – It’s time for the Obamacare disease cruise!

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