Government Healthcare may NEVER work, so it’s a failure with or without a computer “exchange” network

First of all, if you haven’t tried to sign up for toxic healthcare, don’t you worry, because the people trying SO HARD to register for it can’t anyway. So where is the ultimate failure to be hinged, on the inability to shop and secure coverage, or the fact that Obamacare is like a used car lot trying to sell you the lemons. Is your healthcare coverage held together with duck tape and elmer’s glue? What if you had a premium of $500.00 per month that guaranteed bad advice from doctors who know nothing about nutrition, natural healing, natural remedies and food as medicine? What if you had a premium for health insurance that was mandatory, which punished you for being HEALTHY, by doubling the premium each year for the next 6 years? Did you vote for Obama? Did you know the government which hinged it’s whole administration reputation on free or affordable healthcare has a website for it that doesn’t even work at all? This is what hundreds of millions of dollars is paying for, bad healthcare that doesn’t work. And the both parties are guilty of it (except Ron Paul) – of the pandering to Big Pharma, for campaign funds, for stocks and investments, for lobbying gifts and legal bribes, for being supportive of corrupt pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers like Merck and Pfizer. When you voted for President, did you pull the handle that said Big Pharma for President!? Did you punch the vote card for bad medicine?

If you already have insurance you like, that will change.

If you already have a premium you like, that will change.

Television is transparent and so is the government, if you look at it with a naked eye. When you watch CNN, pretend like they are saying the exact opposite of everything they say, and then you will know what’s going on in the world. If they say violence is dissipating in some city where there is currently an uprising, that means the uprising is gaining momentum and they are worried. If the commercial says a drug works, that means it makes your condition worse while hiding the symptoms. If the title of a new mandate, law, or amendment has the word “safety” in it, that means it is threatening the constitution and your Bill of Rights. If the name of a new government program claims it’s for the good of the people, that means it makes them sicker. Let’s delve into some examples of this in case you are living with doubt and denial:

Obamacare will eliminate freedom of choice in healthcare, including within the natural health community;

Obamacare will cause millions of Americans to lose their health insurance

Learn more:

The National Defense Authorization Act NDAA really means … Existing authorities allow indefinite detainment and the killing of American citizens

Learn more:

Remember this?
Chaos, panic, starvation unleashed in NJ / NY while Bloomberg, Red Cross ignore devastated victims
FEMA: Federal emergency management? Why do they wait weeks to help people? Katrina and Sandy Storm in NJ/NY very similar in that federal agencies barely react and it’s always TOO LITTLE TO LATE:

Learn more:

The government isn’t coming to save you when the bottom falls out. They don’t care about you. You are a dollar sign and a patriot security number that owes taxes and soon medical bills you didn’t even generate yourself! You are a clone unless you provide for yourself, turn off the tv, seek natural news and natural remedies, and be self sufficient.

Don’t believe the healthcare lies on the Obamanation nation (TV news). This is the Natural News Tracker reporting the truth about an organic way of living and how to survive and surthrive in the face of adversity:


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