Hop on the LOW BUDGET CARNIVAL RIDE and hope the screws don’t “come loose” – Welcome to Obamacare and his crappy website!

Hey, here’s the new government issued mandatory i-phone (for $1,000/month) you have to start paying for right now, but it may not work for a year or two. Enjoy! That’s what it feels like for millions of Americans who think Obamacare is something that will help them, so they punch in and punch in and punch in their personal data and pray for coverage, for those pre-existing (eating disorder) conditions and so they can afford those x-rays for cancer (x-rays cause cancer), and that chemotherapy they might need soon (chemo is chemical treatment for your chemical food disease). Here’s your new black box GPS tracked automobile, issued by the U.S. Government (mandatory by upcoming IRS enforceable law) but it doesn’t have a motor or transmission (healthcareless.gov) and you must begin your LOAN payments with interest next month, just in time for Christmas. Do you have drone insurance yet? That gets your family some money if you get shot down by a drone. Do you have WAR BOND insurance? Have you paid your premium for the wars in the Middle East? Wait, you didn’t know? The Titanic is sinking, again, folks, are you trying to board it, are trying to get off?

Signing up for healthcare on the broken site is like riding a ride at some cheap carnival, some ride that goes way up in the sky and swings you and your kids around and around in circles (fake javascript) and the technicians (Big Pharma) aren’t even doing their job on the machinery, which is about to swing you loose and hurl you against the side of a building (into a hospital) or into the parking lot where all the cars are lined up (people trying to price healthcare on the crappy site), full of families waiting to get on the human wrecking ball (Government “sponsored” insurance and medical care) and take their chances with Western Medicine (GMO food poisoning treated with insecticide meds).

Natural News has coverage:

Everything about Obamacare has been a blatant lie, it seems: the Affordable Care Act is not affordable; you can’t necessarily keep your doctor; and you can’t even shop for policies because the Healthcare.gov website continues to crash worse than a low-budget carnival ride.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042703_Obamacare_rate_shock_health_insurance_costs.html#ixzz2j7KEbQku

It’s like a SNL – Saturday Night Live skit, but this is real life. How comical! People need to study nutrition and eat organic and get off this national healthcare bandwagon LIE. Repeal the LIE (law) and get these clowns out of office starting next year!

This is how the healthcare site will MOST LIKELY function for 2 YEARS or more.
SNL has the epitome skit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsT_q_MR7Xw


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