Will you vote for me for President? What if I give you a trillion dollars? Wake up America

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, in fact, Obama has something to “take back” from you for accepting his free lunch, and it’s not in the form of food. Obamacare is the program that the bully besieges upon you, the “kids” who thought they were going to enjoy lunch, and recess, and here comes the “beat down” in the form of forced medication, unconstitutional taxes, and it’s being enforced by the biggest bully ever, the guy who dishes out a trillion dollars a year to keep the all trolls and the sheep (sheeple) in line.

Just how is America being bullied into the PONZI scheme known as entitlements?

Welfare, better known now as “entitlements” is kind of like a ponzi scheme, in that you invest some of your hard earned “money” (your vote) in something you think will bring “returns” (free food, unemployment, free healthcare, low taxes) and while the government gives out little handouts (“free lunches”), they are taking away everything the whole bank (your savings, your health, your rights, your income) while you still think you’re getting that free lunch. Little shallow rewards while they steal your soul, your family, your livelihood, and of course – your health (GMO and Obamoroncare).



Taking GMO medicine is like eating GMO food, and for millions of Americans, this is a daily, sometimes 3 to 4 times daily – routine. The most corrupt Washington D.C. ever is like its own ticking time bomb and the “tick … tick …” is getting louder. Food stamps are just one in fifteen unsustainable programs that could be about to end at the snap of Obama’s fingers. Mostly, the programs that people don’t even pay into are the ones dolling out the most money, and the masses that voted for Obama are loving it. They have no clue their dependency is a one way street and there’s a 18 wheeler semi truck heading straight for them at 100 miles an hour. Hope you got airbags and private health insurance that covers a really, really good chiropractor. Want Medicaid, TANF and SNAP in 2016? You could get a cat scan, an MRI and some mercury injections for all that brain damage and it might even be covered, after you pay your $20,000 deductible. Go on, register all that on Healthcare.gullible and make sure you vote for the next BULLY who promises you free lunches forever and talks a real good game.

Wait, was that FOX Business that warned about an unsustainable financial TSUNAMI?

There more coverage on all of this, and what you really need to know to NOT vote for the next BULLY in Washington D.C. – check out the Natural News from the Health Ranger, Mike Adams here:

“Talk about unsustainable; think Detroit on steroids. A new study by Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee found that, over the past five years, the country has spent a whopping $3.7 trillion on welfare programs.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042774_US_welfare_entitlement_spending_national_debt.html#ixzz2jgXIfrAD


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