Obama is the best liar ever, as described by Comedian on N.Y. radio broadcast

Look, over there, a government that doesn't talk about nutrition!
Nobody ever lies in politics, the world is flat, and there’s 25 hours in a day, even on February 29th, leap year. You see, people aren’t stupid these days. Or are they? More than half of voting Americans believed George W. Bush’s lies*, even after he lied for four years and got busted red-handed starting a war on false pretenses. Now, after four years of horrific, obvious, uncovered lies, Obama reigns on, supreme, in his Royal Liar-hood, telling lies on top of lies on top of lies, still winning over at least 40% of the Obamanites, who would follow him if he jumped off a cliff and said your plan covers it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E3oIbO0AWE Loose Change- the Movie*


Now comedians are ripping into it, and telling it like it really is. Will the 40 to 50%’ers wake up from their ultimate “stupidity” and get him out of office before the next three disastrous years do irreparable damage? Can a President still be impeached, or is there an amendment to the Constitution, like some line in NDAA that no congressman ever read, some BILL RIDER that disallows impeachment if the President says he didn’t do it. I mean, don’t we have to take the President of the United States for his word at all costs? Are there any checks and balances left? Is anyone in politics ever arrested for insider trading, or treason, or fraud anymore? How can a President or his cohorts invest in war, pocket millions or even billions by running a company that “rebuilds” Iraq, or Afghanistan, or some other Middle East mini-empire, and how can a President tell the world, on TV, that millions of people aren’t going to lose their healthcare, lose their doctors, and lose their “health” help, when they ALREADY ARE losing it.

“Never did I expect a guy like this, the head of a country, to blatantly lie to your face, and then not only lie to your face, then lie about the fact that he never lied. Then lie again about the next lie he told. There used to be a time when you would worship the president, even if you didn’t like him. You knew he told the truth because he’s the president of a country. Now, he’s the only guy in America who would have the nerve to lie this much.”



“BETRAYED: Democrats now admit they knew all along that millions would lose their existing health plans”


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