Gelatin, lard and chicken stock, NOT SO vegetarian or vegan – so why are so many consuming them?

There are vegetarians and vegans, especially the ones who eat at restaurants frequently, that are not keeping in line with their “own” regimen, the one they talk about, write about, post about or blog about. A lot of people cheat a little here and there, or they just don’t know where they’re missing the punches. They’re missing filtering. I call it repetitive cheating. Whether you know it or not, it’s cheating if you eat dead animals, for a side dish or for some hearty or “roasty toasty” soup. Shovel in some supplements after dinner and get a teaspoon’s worth of gelatin in your blood, some animal fat swimming around in your blood, clogging things up, like oxygen.

Are you feeling sluggish today? Could it be the lard, or the “other” animal fat that was in that cake icing, that donut, that pastry? Many soups contain chicken stock, including those canned at the store. Are you going to a “pot luck” dinner or office party and eating dishes without asking the cook what’s in them? Tell me you are not? What about bacon bits in the egg salad or potato salad or macaroni salad? Swine? Really.

Vegetarians and vegans alike are sharing this information to help each other out. Stay with the program you set for yourself and learn more about how the food “industry” sneaks dead animals into your dishes and supplements:

Natural News has coverage of this: “Do yourself a huge favor, start asking questions about dishes at restaurants that might contain chicken stock.” …

Learn more:

“CAFOs are a complete and utter nightmarish world for animals, as they are very inhumane. Since you are what you eat, if you eat animals that led a depressed, unhealthy life, guess what you become? Learn more about CAFOs and about the dangers of eating chicken stock”


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