Some fish swim from Japan to California in 3 weeks, over and over, so what makes you think Fukushima radiation isn’t swimming?

A daunting task is going on in the Far East, but many Americans are caught up with bigger problems to think about, like how many bars are left on their phone, and how to pay their mortgage or rent if any other emergency drains their wallet or purse. So when does some alternative news become the headline concern for every human being on planet Earth? I’ll tell you when. When a bunch of morons in America try to “help” move the spent fuel rods and radioactive materials from the danger zone they sit in right now. The 2 and a half year old tsunami is making headlines on Natural News for a real reason, and you may want to stock up on some natural remedies for the upcoming “daunting” season:

From the country that brings you healthcare.goon (.gov) that doesn’t work, to the Politicians who put GMO scientists in charge of the FDA, right on down to the radioactive expert opinions on world affairs and the Chernobyl x 1,000! It’s time to tune into the Health Ranger on Natural News and get the truth and the full extent of the truth!

Alternative news is Headline News, and the TV news is garbage:

Where are you getting most of your information, about food, medicine, nutrition doctors, war, peace, legislation that affects your family, and total destruction of the myths that riddle the masses? Where are you getting your daily news? The Wall Street Journal? The NY Times? CNN? Fox? MSNBC? Please, say it isn’t so.

Turn it off. “Kill your television” and tune into Natural News Radio too:

REPORTS showing high levels of radioactive particles traveling across the Pacific Ocean to the US Pacific coastline:

Learn more:

Natural News has the inside story on the Fukushima disaster spreading:

“How efficient could the US really be in helping countries like Japan clean up nuclear radiation that has drifted across the Pacific Ocean? With a track record of endless wars and unsuccessful meddling in the affairs of multiple countries, the US may be the “most powerful” but really is the least efficient when it comes to world affairs and health protections.”… “Then again, the EPA could always just raise the allowable levels of radioactive particles in US soil and drinking water a notch higher to keep Americans assured that they are “safe.”


Natural News now has a Health Ranger branded Original Nascent Iodine created using the original, divinely-inspired Edgar Cayce method and delivering 80% more potency than popular glycerin-based formulas.

Learn more:


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