WebMD, it turns out, paid to promote Obamacare and use Sebelius quotes for propaganda

Fabrications of Disease by USA Pharma
Let’s start this one off by being clear about the theme, so we will define propaganda: (präpəˈgandə) noun: derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

I’ve always known WebMD was full of (allopathic) crap, but this takes the cake. Did Hitler run advertisements for “Re-Education Camps” before the takeover? I can’t remember what the history books say. Did Morris Fishbein, head of the AMA for 40 years, did he run advertisements in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association? Did he pick and choose which “peer reviewed” research to publish, and which pharma companies got the golden seal of approval (FDA fast approval process back then – just pay top dollars for a series of ads). Now, it’s almost 2014 and the AMA, the ACA, the FDA, the CDC, and yes … wait for it …. WebMD is at the game, the brainwash major leagues pennant race, to win the minds of the most Americans who believe that a lab concocted chemical can fix their health problems. I wonder if “Prevention” Magazine has dibs on the next set of 10,000 billboards for Obamacare. Maybe Dr. Oz will do the Macarena to a Garth Brooks song while registering with one hand for Obamacare on the exchange that doesn’t work.

Here’s more from Ethan A. Huff at Natural News:

“ … it was revealed that WebMD had been contracted to receive $126,826 in taxpayer funds for each single 5,000 word review article it posted on scientific advances in a specific clinical topic. The site also received nearly $70,000 for a single four-minute video it posted from an opinion specialist. And an astounding $140,000 was awarded for a single eight-question online quiz posted to the site.”… “”Anyone who relies on WebMD for impartial information needs to understand this story,” adds Lifson. “I think the website made a colossal mistake, sacrificing its credibility. It has now harnessed itself to the most unpopular healthcare measure in American history.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042967_WebMD_Obamacare_propaganda_taxpayer_funding.html#ixzz2l6HqkN8z

This is propaganda folks. Wake up and smell the fake web site. It is literally impossible for Obama to just “command” his tech gurus into fixing the broken site. There is no way all the health insurance companies will or could even comply if they wanted to. Plus, nobody is going to fit into the 2,000 guidelines for each disease and disorder given to them by the processed, GMO food and medicine regime. Read WebMD and get your fake news, the news about the “war” on medicine, the lack of news on real topics, like organic food, natural cures and sustainability.



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