Winter blues a numbing depression? Get a jumpstart with B vitamins (B1, 3, 7 & 12) – A Natural News inside look

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Sometimes you just have to get that snowball moving, you need that jumpstart that will fire up the momentum, and then it’s like you’re in cruise control, feeling good, getting things done, and making progress by your own measure. A lot of people miss out on the right amounts of vitamin B12 because it’s not found in food so “conventionally.” You see, it’s not just mental, but people need a physical balance, so you reward the brain and the CNS, the central nervous system, with the “kindling wood” it needs to burn that fire, you give it the fuel that fuels the “mood,” and you supercharge yourself with the whole array of B vitamins. We’ve known about these for 100 YEARS now, but only great sources are reliable to deliver the news in a heartfelt manner, and this holiday season you can set your wheels in motion, you can light that fire, by balancing your body, minimizing or even eliminating anxiety! Natural News enthusiasts like to surprise their bodies, and here is the News of your awesome winter, full of zest, spunk, jump and drive. End the “worry” and supplement the organic way:

Natural News is covering what is often being termed “seasonal affective disorder:”

Vegetarians and Vegans need to supplement with B12: “National Institute of Medicine recommends that those over the age of 50 add supplemental B12 to their diet.” A severe deficiency can create symptoms of depression and even delusional thinking.

Biotin (B7) turns sugar into energy!

Niacin (B3) improves memory!

Thiamin (B1) breaks down sugar!

Other vitamins and minerals can also help alleviate lower brain function and symptoms of depression, including zinc, iodine, magnesium, vitamin C and the omega-3 fatty acids.

Learn more:

Got numbing depression? Sometimes you just can’t put your “finger” on it. What’s the cause? What’s the reason? What’s the excuse you are not feeling the way you should, or functioning the way you should? Why are you not accomplishing what you want to accomplish. These questions may ALL have one simple answer: Proper supplementation of the B family of vitamins.

Here’s a great source for those on line:

I recommend listening to the Health Ranger’s advice on Vitamin B complex:

24/7/365 Natural News Radio available:

Want to really balance your “soul”?


Smoking fosters depression. Did you know nicotine is controlling your emotions? Get rid of it once and for all! Want to quit smoking cigarettes? Niacin and Mucuna may be ALL the difference you need: check out natural news coverage of that, or share it with a friend who smokes and wants to quit before New Year’s Eve strikes midnight!

14 & Out is Health Ranger recommended!
check out the nutritional phase of 14AndOUT!


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