‘E-cig’ – Is it safe or more harmful for your health?

According to Natural News, Tom Holloway of Niceville, Florida, is recovering after being rushed to the USA Burn Center; his “e-cig” blew up in his face, because of a faulty lithium battery, and knocked out his front teeth, blew off a part of his tongue, burned his face severely and finally burned up the carpet and the closet where the e-cig “bottle rocket” landed in his room.
Holloway’s wife called 911 saying her husband’s face was “all blown up” and that he was bleeding. The force of the explosion was so devastating that investigators couldn’t even make out the brand of the cigarette device, but the lithium battery charger and extra batteries were still in the room.
The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA) is trying its best to re-assure e-cig users worldwide that this is an isolated occurrence. Even if that’s true, expect future incidences, either from faulty batteries or from faulty “nic-juice,” the pure nicotine solution that is diluted with filtered water and then spiced up with unregulated natural and artificial flavorings.
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What is the measurement, the “dilution” of nicotine that one is receiving with their e-cig nic fit? Is one aware of it? Is it mentioned on the side of the juice “loader” – the “nic-juice” cartridge? Who loaded it, some “reputable company” who exports it from China? What’s their guarantee and is that guarantee extended to minors? Does the FDA regulate it? Why not?
E-cigs don’t fall under the umbrella of tobacco, so the FDA doesn’t have “jurisdiction.” There’s a lot of money to be made; in fact, electronic cigarette sales have doubled in the past couple years.
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