Wait, did you think Truvia or Purevia were the same as stevia? You’re wrong – they’re GMO!

So what makes something GMO? Do you know? How long have you been using artificial sweeteners, switching from one to another, one bad cancer causing fake sugar to the next, from one little pink or yellow packet of super sweet no calorie cell mutator to a little blue packet of super sweet low-to-no calorie cell mutation powder?

What’s your mitochondria strangulating favorite, is it Equal, Sweet-n-Low, Splenda, Truvia or Purevia? Does it contain Sucralose and Sorbitol, or was it acesulfame potassium, I can’t remember. Maybe your sweet stuff is made of phenylketonurics containing phenylalanine. If you can’t say it, don’t eat it. If it leaves that funny, weird, slippery aftertaste like diet sodas, don’t go near it! If they take something from nature, mix it and cook it in a laboratory with some mutated corn sugar and bacteria, well, it’s not “natural” anymore, and it should never enter the human body, but its “legal” according to the FDA, and it’s wrapped up in little square packets and right there on the fix it table (or on the lazy susan) at every coffee shop, donut shop, restaurant and diner. It’s at every Starbux, Panera, and in the hospital cafeteria! They’re in the break room at work, those handy dandy super sweet no calorie packs of cancer powder. Some of them say they come from sugar, or the sugar cane, and some say they are stevia “products” – but WATCH OUT I tell you, because I’ve been doing my homework, and so have millions of health enthusiasts, including the Health Ranger and reporters and journalists that keep up with natural health news all over the world!

Natural News has the “inside scoop” on the two sugars posing as “natural” and “stevia” when they really contain GM corn syrup by Monsanto and come from the lab:

Truvia and PureVia are mixed with chemicals in a laboratory. It may come from something natural, but it’s not natural anymore.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043163_stevia_PureVia_Truevia.html#ixzz2mzEZ21gB




There’s a history of synthetic sugars in U.S. that should NEVER have been approved.





Chlorella perfect superfood


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