2014 – When the “Fit” hits the “Shan” – Financial, Medical, and Sociological panic in the USA

The secret to escaping the "hook"
Will all bank accounts be frozen when the financial tsunami hits? Will all 401k’s be “liquidated” by the commander in chief, for DHS – the Department of Homeland Security – in order to keep the masses “calm?” Will your retirement money (which may already be gone and it’s just a piece of worthless paper) be used for national “security” purposes? I’m just asking, because it’s happening in certain parts of the world, like Cyprus and well, Detroit. Will vaccines be mandatory for every “patriot” and all others be persecuted and fined – for not being sheeple – but for being rebels and anarchists? Will Obamacare mean that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you will be forced to take chemo and radiation treatments, just like CHILDREN are being forced to take vaccines (flu shots with mercury) in New York City?! Do they have you fooled? Are you falling for the lies, hook, line and sinker??



Will the DHS tanks roll up your neighborhood block and work with the Amazon.com drones that are flying around your front porch, to make sure you have been vaccinated with your BIRD FLU epidemic “handler”? http://www.naturalnews.com/039911_bird_flu_secret_formulas_minor_blue_green_dragon.html

Will the mosquito truck cruise through your neighborhood next summer with swine flu bio-spray that contains bacteria and virus only preventable with the Big Pharma antidote that costs a fortune (reserved for elitists)? DHS didn’t buy millions of rounds of hollow point bullets, automatic machine guns and tanks just to keep them sitting around gathering dust in warehouses, ya know?

Remember Boston last year? Every major city in U.S. could look like that in 24 hours if they shut off the EBT SNAP cards overnight!

Boston lockdown, police state manhunt resembled ‘banana republic’ military action

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040165_ron_paul_boston_marathon_bombing_police_state.html#ixzz2nGp2Fdi1

Will the people of America, who have been stripped of their Constitution, all become sociopaths, just like their leaders are now? Will they raid the grocery stores and empty the shelves overnight, like some crazed killers who just escaped prison and haven’t eaten for a week? http://www.naturalnews.com/042479_ebt_cards_walmart_looting.html

Will people chew off each other’s faces in the streets of Miami and Los Angeles, in a mad frenzy to consume anything that looks or tastes like a chicken mcnuggett?

When people’s checking accounts and savings accounts are confiscated by the U.S. Government to pay for the 18 trillion dollar debt incurred by two useless, futile wars in the Middle East and crazy spending sprees for decadent lifestyles, when all private money is seized, legally, by declaration of the enforcement of NDAA, when that happens, will people storm the banks and the cash machines, like they did the walmart for food? http://www.naturalnews.com/024323_money_financial_crisis_debt.html


Realize this, the more money the Feds print, the less the dollar is worth. Inflation, and I mean steep sudden inflation, is around the corner, you just can’t see it yet. It’s the criminal waiting behind the dumpster with a knife, ready to stab you in the back and run with your wallet or purse, if there’s anything even left in it. He’ll check that after the stabbing of course, and you will be there, bleeding, wondering what’s happening to your home, your family, your retirement, your retirement funds, your assets, and most of all, your family’s health and safety. Humpty Dumpty is sitting there, on the wall, waiting to fall, just like the auto industry collapsed, just like Wall Street collapsed, and several countries in Europe, the U.S. dollar will be worth pennies, maybe just 15 or 20. Are you growing your own food? Do you have lots of storable food in your storage area at home? Do you have a get away plan, to get out of the major cities and to the countryside or the hills and deserts, far away from the panic when humpty dumpty cracks his skull and all the king’s men can’t put him together again?

Follow Natural News and get the lowdown on health, safety, and just plain survival skills for the upcoming financial, economical, and sociological “tsunami” coming to a “theatre” near you. Get ready, cause the “fit” is gonna hit the “shan” – it’s just a matter of time.



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