Buying and selling raw milk and cheese is NOT a crime in America!

Unbelievable that conventional, dead milk (with hormones and pus) can be for sale all over the place, without warning labels (soon with aspartame too) and yet raw milk and raw cheese businesses are harassed, persecuted and prosecuted like they stole it from the PET factory or something. From illegal search and seizure to raiding entire farms and stealing equipment, merchandise, money, files, computers, you name it, Big Milk is attacking little milk, the healthy kind that really has nutritional value and is sustainable. Think of it like this: if some small town tobacco farmers were selling some tobacco that contained the kind of cannabis that helps cure cancer, and the tobacco didn’t contain chemicals whatsoever, Big Tobacco would swoop in, and raid that farm and their crop, and take them to jail and then court on some charges that probably will never hold water, but it’s all about the hassle, the bully that gets away with it, the Big Guns running the show and not having competition to undermine their profits, their quality (or lack thereof), their ethics (lack thereof again) and their capitalistic tyrannical way of politics and Big Business.

Here’s the story of a raw milk farmer who is winning that fight, on the farm, at his home, and in court. Here’s a precedent setting victory for the GOOD milk, that they should be selling every school in America instead of the pus-laden hormone-laden animal-fat-loaded GMO milk they get now. Wait til they add aspartame and NOT tell anyone or label it as such. That means each swallow every student who drinks milk will be getting hormones, pus, bacteria, GMO, and the LEADING central nervous system disruptor put in food today, Aspartame.

Natural News is reporting on a victory for HEALTHY MILK in this country!

Raw milk was illegally confiscated back in 2010 from Dairy farmer Mike Hartmann’s Farm, but now, the tables are turned:

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) reports that Sibley County District Court Judge Erica H. McDonald recently dismissed five of six phony criminal charges brought by the state earlier this year against Hartmann, who has been a target of the state for several years.

Learn more:

“Judge Dismisses Criminal Charges Against Hartmann in Minnesota:”

“Two of the charges arose from evidence seized during a December 4, 2012 stop of Hartmann’s vehicle by a state trooper; the other three came from the execution of a search warrant by Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) officials on January 9, 2013 at Hartmann’s farm.” Get more on this here:

Remember James Stewart and the unnecessary torture L.A. (Calif.) County jail keepers put him through? He was knee deep in feces and urine for weeks in jail unjustly for selling raw milk and running a legitimate business: How can we forget that story:

And what about Vernon Hershberger?!

Raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger has been unjustly maligned by a tyrannical system of bad government. His family and farm were subjected to an armed raid by government goons who trampled all over his private property and accused him of committing “dairy crimes” by distributing raw milk to a small group of people who were members of a private buying club.

Learn more:


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