No government could be so evil that they sit around conspiring how to make people sick – and for money.

It’s a conspiracy I tell ya! So someone once said. Was it on facebook? Was it on twitter? Maybe it was on Pinterest and Flickr, I can’t remember, because I drank too much tap water. What happened to the “drink” decades ago, that has a lasting effect on the overall brain function and bone density of humans walking the earth in America, home of the brave, land of the fluoridated water? You know people go to jail or disappear under the NDAA act – just for posting the wrong things on Facebook, or trying to blow the whistle on the government, like WikiLeaks does or Eric Snowden. People call that guy a hero, and others call him a traitor, but the facts are there this time, in plain sight. Did you see the Prism? Oooops. That’s like the government caught on video with a bloody knife and all the victims lying on the floor around them, from all over the globe. Maybe Snowden has documents on fluoridated water, and how it dates back, way back, to the insecticide days, where the scientists and their scientific community (AMA/EPA/FDA/JAMA) talked openly around round tables, discussing why they should put it in the drinking water, and how they could call it a great thing, that helps your teeth stay strong. Yes, that’s exactly what they did, they planned it and they knew. Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia, mental retardation, deformed offspring, deformed genitalia, these are all fueled by the corrupt pollution of drinking water, and it’s all backed and fronted by the ADA, the American Dental Association, who won’t tell you fluoride water can actually give you fluoridosis, receding gums, and cause damage to bone marrow, the central nervous system, and helps you vote (like a zombie) for the two-party fixed system that will continue fluoridating water and pushing flu shots.

Which towns, cities and states are BOYCOTTING AND DENYING the fluoridation poisoning of water? Natural News has that information for you and its all summed up, like a map called PRISM. Do you and your family drink poison, just a little bit, daily? When will it add up to chronic sick care conditions? Protect your health. Follow Natural News:

Fact: Water fluoridation chemicals have never been approved by the FDA. They remain a global medical “experiment.”


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Research the Fluoride Action Network
As of: 12/4/2013 – Fundraising update:
The Fluoride Action Network has gotten off to a good start in our campaign to raise funds for our 2014 budget. After three days, donations total to $4681 from 77 donors. To reach our goal, we need to raise $120,000 from 600 donors by midnight December 31, 2013.

A hundred years ago, only 1 in 100,000 Americans had diabetes and heart attacks were a rarity. Pediatric cancer was almost non-existent. What changed?


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