Generic multivitamins – Think twice before you consume!

According to Natural News, the mainstream media is reporting findings that they mistakenly believe show all multivitamins to be worthless at preventing disease. “Case Closed: Multivitamins Should Not Be Used,” declares Forbes. “New studies dispel multivitamin myths,” reports NBC News. And CBS News says, “‘case is closed’ after studies find no health benefits.”
The problem with all these headlines is that they’re based on an editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a pro-pharma publication almost entirely funded by pharmaceuticals which compete with multivitamins.
What the media doesn’t report, of course, is that if pharmaceuticals were subjected to the same basic questions covered in this study — do multivitamins enhance cognitive function? Do they prevent heart disease? — Pharmaceuticals would prove to be disastrous. They not only don’t work; they also might kill you in the process of not working.
So why isn’t the media reporting that the “case is closed” on how drugs and medications fail to prevent chronic degenerative disease? The answer is because this scrutiny is reserved solely for nutritional supplements.
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According to the label, Disney Princess Gummies contain corn syrup, sugar, grape juice concentrate, gelatin, modified corn starch, citric acid, lactic acid, purple berry color concentrate (maqui berry juice concentrate, sugar), maltodextrin, fractionated coconut oil, beeswax, dicalcium phosphate, natural flavors, black carrot juice color concentrate, silica, annatto color and mannitol. Disney does not manufacture these vitamins but licenses its logo to NBTY, Inc., and two of its subsidiaries, NatureSmart LLC and Rexall Sundown, Inc. In 2010, these companies agreed to pay just over $2 million to the Federal Trade Commission for using false claims that their vitamins promoted healthy brain and eye development in children.
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Most of today’s multivitamins come from synthetic sources, with numerous artificial additives like colors, flavors, sugars, chemicals and fillers. As any health-conscious individual can deduce, it does seem like a rather backwards approach to be using something that takes away from our health to improve our health.
Many people are also under the impression that a vitamin is a vitamin, meaning that they are all equivalent in efficacy from our body’s perspective. This has been shown to be false, as our body deals best with vitamins and minerals that in their whole food form. Many synthetic vitamins and minerals are not digested or absorbed properly by the body, resulting in more stress to the body and waste of your financial resources. It is also when we use synthetic supplements that we run the risk of building up a toxic state internally, or some biochemical imbalance.
This is why multivitamins should not be taken indiscriminately but researched before they are chosen to enhance our health. And when it comes to choosing the best multivitamin, optimal quality is key.
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