“Internal Medicine” must mean internal disorder because nothing is as it seems in Western Medicine

“Dear doc, can you fix me? I’ve been taking lots of multi-vitamins and I’m still getting sick. Can’t figure it out?! I’ve tried Centrum, Equate, One-A-Day, just still get sick, with head colds, flu, virus, throwing up viruses, allergies kicking in strong again. The whole world must be wrong about multivitamins. I must need some internal medicine to fix this. Do you have any suggested prescriptions made by the same manufacturers of the popular multi-vitamins I just listed? Yes, doctor, because I want to take some medicine that creates disorder, like the vitamins they’re talking about in the news, on TV, in the newspapers, and in the latest “internal medicine” research – in the “Annals” of I.M.

Also, doc, should I pay attention to all those pop up ads, that come up when I read the research about the latest pharmaceutical drugs and mainstream multivitamins? I’m so confused. There are so many choices! The people in the ads look so happy. I bet they are.

I try not to pay attention to the side effects, cause they’re so scary. I don’t wanna live like that, but like the Japanese Nuclear scientists say, if you just ignore the danger and drink alcohol, the danger goes away and you are immune to it. After all health is all mental, right?

Whether multivitamins are good or bad is not the hot topic anyway, right? It’s all about taking the right drugs and the ones the doctors tout as new and improved, like whatever the pharmaceutical sales rep said it does. America is great because the whole pharmaceutical industry doesn’t have to waste time testing out new drugs, not even on rats, much less humans, so they can just release the new stuff and run ads on TV so people can tell their doctors just what they need. It’s awesome marketing and now it’s like everybody can just self diagnose and tell the doctor what they want prescribed. Is that why they call it internal medicine, because you digest your own diagnosis at home before even going to the doctor? Maybe it should be called pre-med internal choice. Is it covered under Obamacare? What’s the premium?

Maybe they should mix flu shots with multivitamins and inject it all at once, bypassing digestion so the body doesn’t dissolve all those “other ingredients” like talc and aspartame. Flintstones chewables run great ads for kids so the kids will request them, for the multi’s and the vitamin C. Gotta have that processed ascorbic acid in the body!

Thanks doc. I’ll call you when I see the next advertisement that I like for a drug that I want, meanwhile, I’ll be trashing those multivitamins that line my cabinets, because NONE of them work. In fact, food is worthless too. All food and medicine should be made in laboratories, so if the world blows up, we can all live underground and eat GMO.”

– sincerely, your patient, Mr. Feelgood

More research of HOAX vitamins: Synthetic vitamins fuel sickness while enriching the corrupt medical industry

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Children’s vitamins largely made of sugar and corn syrup

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A multivitamin may not be the best choice, unless you choose the right one
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