Obamacare – the “moving target” is failing to attract young, healthy, intelligent people to the expensive sick care exchange

From shifting deadlines to confusing jargon on the sick care website, people don’t even know if they still have their CATASTROPHIC COVERAGE or not, and some people don’t even know what that means. CNN won’t talk about it, and ABC, NBC and CBS won’t even mention it – the real date that healthcare.gump (.gov) will really be working for the masses, and that’s 2016 or later. Why is that? First of all, all the young smart people who voted for Obama because he’s a great orator (like the Wizard of Oz), they’ve all figured out the website is a joke, the coverage is really for chronic care like cancer and Alzheimers and Diabetes, and they just stopped watching TV lies about it and threw away their GMO food boxes.


Corporations and Obamacare are sinking fast. The Titanic (Big Pharma exchange) is taking in water fast, and the youth are not signing up for scam care. Instead, the lobbyists who gave Obama all that money to push tyranny health care on the people are sweating bullets, and next November is only 10 MONTHS AWAY! Vote every single clown out of office!

Imagine if the whole Healthcare sign up is a staged event, just to enforce a law and take your take money before the REAL WAR, the domestic one that DHS and FEMA are getting ready for, while you debate which lying news channel is reporting the figures correctly, all those people who ran campaigns for Obama, big and small, that plugged their names into the sinking ship to make it look like SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is actually registered, enrolled, and has secured catastrophic coverage, and can get that pre-existing disease or disorder paid for by the Government that gave it to them, via Big Food and Big Medicine of the Land of the Free. Remember you have control. Vote them out of office, all the “war pigs.”

Fight the GMO war with your mind, your body and your spirit! Follow Natural News and get the real news that matters to you, your family, and only put organic food on your plate!

Find out more on all of this here:

Are you required to have health insurance after Jan. 1? Are businesses with more than 50 employees supposed to insure each of them by now? What about options – can you keep your catastrophic coverage and your old insurance plan?

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043391_Obamacare_enrollment_deadline_White_House.html#ixzz2pLeosqe9


“GM crops are nothing short of a bio-war on our food”
Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040447_gmo_biowar_food.html#ixzz2pLf5zobJ


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