China’s “House of Horrors” checklist now includes fox meat sold as donkey meat at Walmart

Hey, who put powdered baby cockroaches in my medicine vial? Wait a second, who’s using gutter oil to cook food for restaurants in China? Hold on just a minute, I know my different meats, and this is not my usual donkey dinner, this is either squirrel, rat, possum or giraffe, because it’s got that “Walmart” spicy kick to it, and I should just sue them for mixin’ up my meat lover’s special!

You guessed it, more “food” confusion and corruption in China, where the country is so poor and polluted, with no regulations on quality control or environmental toxic dumping, that the food industry can basically kill anything that moves and package it up as food or medicine and get away with selling it. And now you must be wondering, how much of the food you eat, here in America, is imported from China, which is rarely if ever inspected by the FDA (2% is the current statistic on that), and I am talking about even the certified organic from China! What are you really eating? Did it come from a sewer? Does it contain bugs? Does your meat contain road kill? If you keep kosher, are you eating horses, donkeys, ponies and FOXES?

Natural News is covering this latest atrocity of Big Food and Walmart selling whatever it takes to pay the rent, and to make payroll for all the underpaid, poor and STARVING WORKERS they employ all over the world. What is the ALL TIME LOW for Walmart? Have they reached it yet, or is that even possible? Control what you buy! Stop shopping at Wally World! Do not support corporate destruction of our planet, our food, our medicine.

China’s food and drug scandals read like a House of Horrors checklist. Babies dying from industrial chemical-tainted infant formula? Check. Rat meat sold as lamb meat? Check. Some 600 dogs dropping dead after eating pet jerky treats made in China? Check. Glow-in-the-dark blue “Avatar” pork? Check. “Gutter oil” scavenged from drains beneath Chinese restaurants being using to cook one of every ten meals in Chinese restaurants? Check. Farmed, powdered cockroaches being sold to pharmaceutical companies as medicine? Check.

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As Natural News has reported before, you may be eating more food imported from China than you think. Back in 2007, CNN declared that avoiding Chinese food ingredients is nearly impossible. The U.S. imports billions in food from China every year.


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