Sodium in – calcium out – America is a country “set up” for osteoporosis

Here comes the hard truth that hurts to hear but then heals you quick! Here is comes, from, the site that frees the masses from the myths, and the myths that overwhelm, confuse and coerce the many who try to turn a blind eye or turn a deaf ear.

Big Food is the set up for Big Medicine in the United States. The infamous “founding fathers of Big Pharmacy” sat around a table and drummed up the massive scheme, and Morris Fishbein lead the charge for the AMA and the FDA way back in the 1930’s. Look it up. The German scientists came up with food drugs a decade later and certain U.S. Presidents opened the “back door” to processed food and food agent contamination in order to get their campaign funds from Big Food Lobbyists in Washington DC.

Then came corn sugar and the subsidized nightmare called HFCS, which became GMO and soon after an epidemic of Diabetes – an onslaught that came on almost overnight. America just couldn’t stop eating that SUPER SUGAR and that grease/fat artery clogging fast food. Still don’t think American politics are that evil, to plan this atrocity? Think again my health enthusiast friends. You are on a road to disaster if you turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to this natural news:

Osteoporosis: Everyone knows that foods high in fat or sugar are unhealthy in large quantities. Given the high rates of obesity in America, we are hearing more and more about the importance of healthy eating habits. Make no mistake about it – poor diet can lead to osteoporosis. Heavy intake of salt in the typical American diet is a big reason why daily calcium requirements are so high. Though sodium is a necessary part of the human diet, more than 90 percent of our sodium is consumed via TABLE SALT. Big mistake! Table salt specifically causes calcium loss. In fact, 40 mg of calcium is lost through urine for every 2,300 mg of sodium (one tsp. of salt) consumed – and the average American takes in at least 4,000 mg daily.


Well … they have that pinned too:

Cancer: Cancer, my friends, is a disorder of the cells as they mutate, multiply uncontrollably and attack your good cells. Cancer feeds off of food “chemicals.”

Never underestimate the power of organic food to heal the body.

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