Nearly all gum and candy contain either toxic GMO corn syrup or nerve disrupting Aspartame
Do you chew gum? Which kind – the pesticide corn syrup kind or the nervous wreck- sugar free? Do you like breath mints? Which kind – the pesticide corn syrup or the agitated-sugar free? How do you feel about food agents that are toxins and cause nervous disorders? Do you feel that it is fair that food companies can put just about anything they want in products we consume? America is the land of the free, home of the … chronic sick care scams and shams. Every time you check out at the grocery store, or the pharmacy, or the convenient store, there they are – the gum packs and the breath mint containers, just waiting for you, baiting you, to grab them on the way out, just before you “check out” so you can “check out” of your good health and check into some toxic pharmaceutical meds to cover up your nervousness, your anxiety, your depression, your stress attacks, your panic attacks, your loss of breath and your asthma and allergies. Wonder why and how allergies and panic attacks are so common in the USA?

Look no further than aspartame and pesticide. They are in most food, gum and candy now, and are in most OTC – over the counter medications! Yes, that’s right folks, food agents and food drugs are prominent in this country and the FDA and the CDC like it that way. Why is that you ask? Because politicians and Big Pharma work hand in hand, literally, passes legislation to protect Big Food so they can use more chemicals, more pesticides, more herbicides, more dangerous and untested food agents and chemical sweeteners that drive the cancer industry statistics way up, fueling and funding the biggest most evil health scam in the history of the world – CANCER and fake CANCER care.


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