Inert adjuvants ignored in Monsanto studies to protect trade secrets – cancer?

If you parallel the life of a rat to that of a human, rats that die from eating GMO corn die as early as 9 months old from cancer tumors, so that would mean humans die around age 35 from a lifetime of GMO. Since 90% of the main staple diet of America consists of all things GMO, like corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, and toss in some meat and milk hormones and what have you got? You’ve got humans dying off early and costing their families a fortune on the way. So what does Monsanto have to do with it? They build seed factories all over the planet, trying to take over how farmers feed their animals, how they are forced to buy only pesticide-laden seeds, and spray extra herbicide and pesticide on the already mutated and carcinogenic crop. These factories ensure repeat customers (clients for life) and a monopoly on popular crops that America loves so much. This in turn fuels the fast food industry, the chain restaurant industry, the doctors, the hospitals, and of course, the prescription drug industry.

How does Monsanto get away with this? They ignore chemical adjuvants in their studies, calling them inert, so glyphosate doesn’t do the damage it really does to cells, whether they are rats or HUMANS. Monsanto does their own research, capitalist style, monopolistic style, and Merck style, where they are their own police. But Argentina isn’t falling for it. They still have some intelligent ethical folks who run things over there, unlike here in the United States. You see, there are no more ethics in politics here, except for maybe Ron Paul. Let’s follow Argentina’s example and only put people in office who don’t pollute our food supply for money. Let’s not be a country full of people walking around with cancer by age 25 and dying off by age 35. Let’s never go there! Read this and learn more now:

The difference was that Seralini’s study was performed for a full two years to examine long-term toxicity effects of Roundup’s glyphosate formula. Monsanto gained EU approval for using GMO corn as part of animal feeds with their 90-day study. The rats’ premature deaths and cancerous tumors began appearing at the nine-month point of Seralini’s study. Seralini actually managed with high-tech scientific analysis to isolate those adjuvants protected by Monsanto’s proprietary trade secret “rights”(

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