Reasons for growing rate of osteoporosis among Americans: increased sodium intake and decreased calcium intake!

According to Natural News, people feel that high sugar content foods are unhealthy. But one should not forget that a poor diet may result in osteoporosis. Given the fact that more and more Americans are becoming obese by the passing day, the significance of healthy eating habits are becoming more prominent.
The sugar and fat intake can lead to osteoporosis through the weakening of bones that is done in two ways, as verified by Ron Zernicke and Cy Frank. Diets that are rich in saturated fats and sugar prevent calcium absorption, and at the same time, saturated fats can result in the formation of insoluble “soaps” that coat the intestines. These factors don’t allow the necessary amount of calcium to keep bones strong. However, the problem is not with the sweets but with the salt. Sodium is considered to be an essential component of our diet. But, we consume nearly 90% of sodium through TABLE SALT, which causes calcium loss. Heavy intake of salt in the typical American diet is a big reason why the daily calcium requirement is so high.
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According to David Wolfe, there is a misconception that calcium builds bones. It is the silicon and magnesium that increases bone density. Therefore, people should have foods that are rich in silicon and magnesium. Foods such as soybeans, brown rice, alfalfa, beets, rolled oats, hemp leaf and bell peppers are rich in silicon. Magnesium can be found in foods like cacao, almonds, cashews, macadamia, oatmeal, baked potatoes and spinach. One must include green leafy vegetables in their diet list, because they contains magnesium.
Another disease that exists in America is cancer. It is a disorder of the cells, as they increase in number and affect your fine, healthy cells. This disease is often treated wrongly by Western medicine (allopathic) experts, because they don’t have much knowledge on nutrition. Bringing an end to one’s intake of synthetic foods, pesticide-affected and processed foods, and toxic food agents and drinks causes cancer to lose “fuel” in the human body.


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