Stop Smoking King suggests top 5 things to do when you quit smoking cigs
If you smoke a pack a day, you spend about $1,500 every year, and two packs a day is over $3,000. That is not to mention medical bills, dental bills, cleaning bills, teeth whiteners, allergy medications, cold and flu remedies and so on. So, big deal, right? You’ve heard it before. Well, it is a big deal, because a couple grand could get you doing a lot of things that you otherwise will not do, wouldn’t do, can’t do or just simply put off. Plus, without the 4,000 chemicals in your lungs and bloodstream, the pleasure of vacations, hobbies, sports, romance and just plain living are enhanced exponentially, and the reward of a healthy body is a healthy mind. So let’s start this off right, before New Year’s, and you can walk into 2014 as a non-smoker who’s planning amazing events and activities that have everything to do with taking advantage of the NEW YOU. Just think, with the money you won’t be spending on cigarettes anymore, you will have the resources to do some amazing things.

So do it. Quit smoking. Schedule a full body massage once a week from a professional massage therapist! Go on an amazing vacation to the perfect clear blue water of the Caribbean, or to a gorgeous ski resort high in the clean air of the mountains. With your healthy lungs, hike one of our nation’s national parks. Remember – pack lots of superfoods, vitamins and organic snacks! With up to $3,000 available to you over the next year and a half, you could hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist and really get on the yellow brick road to perfect health fast!

Top 5 Suggestions

1. Visit the nearest mountain spring and get some spring water pure from the rocks, the earth’s most perfect water full of minerals and life, and enjoy the adventure of it all. You can go to and locate one in your area, state or region and make a “big deal” out of it, because spring water is what your body wants most right now. Find some scenic overlook or peak and take some deep breaths, knowing you will never go back to smoking cigarettes again.

2. Massage therapy encourages relaxation and helps to detoxify the body. You should schedule massages regularly. It can be just as good as stretching, as it helps elongate the muscles and fosters flexibility.

3. Go on a vacation you will deserve for quitting the commercial cigarette habit!

4. Figure out a great workout, cross-training activity or sport that you could engage in that will be fun and rewarding. Don’t make it too difficult – just keep it simple at first! (

5. Get into nutrition, take some healthy cooking classes and maybe start your own organic garden. (

Learn more:

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