Pink salt vs. white “table” salt: Pink wins every time! Natural News explains why

The sodium hoax: You’ve heard it a thousand times, “too much sodium causes high blood pressure” and “reduce your sodium intake” – but what kind of sodium are they talking about. They never say. That’s because processed, refined, radiated white salt (like Morton’s) is not only dead and useless, it’s bad for your body, so all those fast foods, junk foods, junk science addictions, chain restaurant dishes, they’re almost all cooked and coated with the bad kind of salt, the kind that causes high blood pressure and a whole host of other health problems. The hoax fails to mention the GOOD salt, Himalayan sea salt, so that you won’t look it up and investigate, and find out that when you cut all that “bad salt” out of your intake, you don’t want to cut out the good salt. Pink (Himalayan) salt contains 84 of the 118 elements known to science, including minerals and electrolytes. Himalayan salt contains iodine, magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium – the five minerals in which the United States population are most deficient.


If the salt is pink, it’s dense in minerals. If the salt is white, its probably radiated, and only contains sodium and chloride. They radiate salt in factories and laboratories to kill or wipe out the “impurities” like insects. Common table salt can be very dangerous to eat, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. This nutritional lobbying group warns about sodium chloride (table salt) and are actually working to get the status of salt changed so that is will be regulated by the FDA, since it is NOT REGULATED right now.

Did you know? – Salt has the preservative characteristic of being a natural antibiotic. On foods, it kills living bacteria and impedes the decaying process, but not the processed white kind. That salt causes excessive thirst because it pulls water from the bloodstream. This can lead to constipation – which in turn leads to an accumulation of toxins in the intestinal tract. Most Americans suffer from this phenomenon, also because they consume gluten, which helps hold toxins in the body, including pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons found in GMO! Most table salts are completely depleted of minerals the body needs and also HAVE ADDITIVES that are harmful when ingested.


Salt is an essential nutrient that our bodies require for transporting nutrients into and out of our cells, regulating blood pressure, exchanging ions and much more. However, not all salts are equal. Table salt, which has been stripped of all its minerals except sodium and chloride, for instance, will not have the same positive biological impact upon our bodies as pure, unrefined salt that boasts a robust mineral profile.

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Plus, Himalayan salt is good for your skin, for detoxification, and for the air we breathe! You may want to go out a buy a salt lamp if you don’t have one, or visit the Natural News store on line!


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