Obamacare site EASY to HACK according to several experts – 70,000 enrollee files hacked in 4 minutes!


Are you next? Step right up. Step right up to Barnum and Bailey circus folks, and have a look up there, in the high seat, it’s the head clown and he’s smiling, pointing, juggling things. Watch the giraffes, the elephants and some mules walk in circles. Buy some cotton candy and a twirly light stick for the parade. It’s not just NSA spying on you, but anyone who can hack the obama-carelessness-exchange. They threw the whole system up like a Hollywood front, like some backdrop that nobody would notice didn’t have any infrastructure, or security, for that matter. It was all about just getting all that info in a system as quickly as possible. It’s a circus on the exchange, with “animals” that refuse to participate, and ring leaders who have no training, even the set up crew was a fraud, so none of the high wires are tied properly, and this time there’s nobody to clean up the elephant and mule dung. Ooops. – Just some sad clowns climbing out of a Volkswagen that doesn’t even run. Can you get a refund for your “circus” ticket or is it too late?

Did you already plug in your social security number, your religion, and the time of day that you’re NOT home into the hack exchange? Do the clowns have your medical records? What are they doing with them now – cataloguing with your criminal background check, your medical collections, some rent you owe from 20 years ago, some scam credit cards, your gun purchasing and registering record, where your ancestors are from, who everyone in your family voted for last election and the one before that.

Natural News has this coverage:

Hacking expert David Kennedy told Fox’s Chris Wallace that he determined he could gain access to 70,000 personal records of Obamacare enrollees via HealthCare.gov within about 4 minutes – and it required nothing more than a standard browser….

Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name, social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits


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